The Temple of Elemental Evil v7.0.0 Modpack Released

The Circle of Eight team continues to work on its popular modpack for Troika's Temple of Elemental Evil, with the newest update putting it at 7.0.0. The latest update adds another high level expansion "War of the Golden Skull" to the New Content version of the mod, as well as numerous fixes for both the New Content and base version. This modpack is fully compatible with the Good Old Games version of the game. The notes:

- Overhauled pregenerated characters so their hairstyles and colors match their portraits, so that strongmen are strong enough to wear heavy armor, and so that facemen are competent in social skills.
- Fixed pregenerated iconic characters Mialee and Tordek's incorrect portraits.
- Removed giant PC pregenerated character because it mysteriously stopped working.
- Fixed halberd and masterwork halberd long descriptions so they're not listed as reach weapons.
- Reassigned many script IDs to promote organization.
- Added ability to locate extraplanar chest if you leave it on a map and don't take it with you.
- Fixed exploit where you could rest indefinitely on second floor of inns when you only paid for 24 hours.
- Fixed targeting problem with spell Good Hope.
- Reduced volume of spell sound effects for multi-target spells by limiting playback to single instance rather than once for each target: Cone of Cold, Confusion, Consecrate, Deep Slumber, Desecrate, Flame Strike, Holy Smite, Ice Storm, Mind Fog, Prismatic Spray, Scare, Sleep, Sleet Storm, Spike Growth, Spike Stones.
- Removed Acid Fog spell, as it is apparently an irrevocably illegal spell due to being spell number 000.
- Fixed bug where Wonnilon, Jaer, and Wicked would cause problems with NPC interventions upon entering combat.
- Lowered CR on greater temple bugbear (proto 14174) and greater temple bugbear leader (proto 14346) by 2.
- Fixed rare bug in Hommlet joinable NPCs' dying scripts that could cause Butcher of Hommlet rep.
- Changed dragon meshes and added custom sound effects.
- Improved firepit on random encounter scrub road.
- Added unique critter sounds for bearded devils.
- Fixed duration of Giant Vermin spell.
- Fixed AI exploit where Spiritual Weapon could be abused by making enemies not target them.
- Fixed bug with Summon Monster spells initiative.
- Bulletproofed reward encounter scheduling.
- Updated Co8 section of in-game Help.
- Added five missing iconic pregenerated characters: Aramil, Eberk, Gimble, Kerwyn, and Naull.
- Added stone giants.


- Fixed Jaroo heartbeat script that caused his cloak to flap and gameplay to stutter in the Grove.
- Mobbed in Amii and removed unnecessary associated scripting from various NPCs.
- Made it so that Amii doesn't die immediately if you botch her quest through indifferent dialog with Jaroo.
- Recreated all Hommlet Exterior generic citizens.
- Fixed bug with Jaroo spell permanancy fix.
- Made it so Brother Smyth detects giant head in anyone's inventory, not just speaker's.
- Made it so Pishella can destroy golden skull while she's in the party.
- Tweaked pathfinding on Hommlet exterior map.
- Made it so Corl doesn't come back to Black Jay's field after you throw him out.
- Fixed some dialog and map inconsistencies with Mickey.


- Tweaked Lareth scripting for when he stays in his room after joining combat if players stay in the hall.


- Made the Nulb Rannos Davl fat like the Hommlet Rannos Davl.
- Fixed dialog bug where you could ask Mona about Serena without knowing anything about her.
- Fixed bug that was making Nulb revenge encounter fail.
- Made it so that Dala does not run off permanently after pickpocketing you if combat starts, while still avoiding combat.
- Bulletproofed Nulb Mickey's dialog conditions.


- Mobbed in electrical trap and control boxes on Temple level 4 and added TZGY scarab as method to defeat them.
- Fixed temple faction problem that sometimes caused oohlgrist to go KOS.
- Fixed blocking tiles problem on Temple deserted farm map.
- Fixed bug where Scorrp would repeat dialog during combat.



- Made it so that Brother Smyth gives you Orc Season quest if Kenter Nevets is dead, or if he becomes dead.


- Tweaked MOTA's heartbeat script so he appears more reliably.


- Changed Mother's mesh to modified version of old crone rather than Zuggtmoy and changed portrait.
- Added Season of the Witch quest as culmination to Moathouse Respawn.
- Fixed bug where Gnarley witch wouldn't give you ring of resonance if you came back a second time and bought it from her.


- Fixed bug where making the second payment on your mortgage on the castle in Verbobonc on time didn't stop you from becoming delinquent.
- Further bullet-proofed Wilfrick report dialog node.
- Made it so that Wilfrick does not still go to the warehouse if you reveal Darlia's assassination quest to him.
- Fixed bug where Castle of the Lords was not safe for rest even if ghost conditions hadn't been met.
- Fixed heartbeat bug with castle ghosts that caused them to make noises even if they weren't supposed to be there.
- Added a one day delay to get access to Darlia by paying.
- Changed method of reporting Hextorite job done to Canon Ramses to avoid incorrect var count and fixed object name reference error.
- Added scoutpoints to Hextorite patrol in Temple.
- Fixed bug where buying your way out of a Verbobonc execution would make it so that the Slavers would not appear if they had been scheduled to, and that Wilfrick would think you had murdered the Dyvers rescuers.
- Tweaked Wilfrick dialog re: drow and white dragon.
- Made it so you can't report on Drow situation to Wilfrick over and over.
- Fixed bug where Wilfrick acted like he never met you at home.
- Tweaked Prince Zook dialog re: drow being dealt with and defeated.
- Added following quests to Verbobonc: Ratting Out The Hextorites, Snitching On The Scarlet Brotherhood, Narcing On The Scarlet Brotherhood, The Rabbit Hole, The Gremlich, Lords and Ladies, Demons and Demigods.
- Added following reputations to Verbobonc: Hextor Rat, Scarlet Brotherhood Snitch, Scarlet Brotherhood Narc, Scarlet Brotherhood Whistle-Blower, Hextor Whore, Savior of Hommlet, Hommlet Deserter, Disfunctional, Uptight, Consort of Lady Asherah, Associate of Lady Asherah, Slayer of Iuz, Slayer of St. Cuthbert, Slayer of Alzoll, Hommlet Destroyer.
- Added repercussions for having above reputations.
- Added methods of discussing and reporting Scarlet Brotherhood and Hextorites to various NPCs.
- Added options for getting location of Slavers.
- Added redesigned Verbobonc castle interiors and an additional floor.
- Added Rabbit Hole map and Uncle Orrengaard III NPC.
- Added method for getting stats on NPCs, as well as answers to other common questions.
- Added Lady Asherah.
- Added Verbobonc Cave Exit worldmap location.