Richard Garriott Q&A Snippets

Eurogamer's chat with Richard Garriott has already revealed us plenty of interesting info, like the recently denied claim of talks between him and Electronic Arts on the possibility of tackling the Ultima property again, and was apparently lengthy enough that some snippets didn't manage to end up in an actual article and have been posted on the website's official Facebook page.

Here's Richard's clarification on one point of his recent Facebook letter, specifically that Ultima Online isn't Ultima Online anymore without him:
As I watched people tag on my post, a number of people picked up on that [perceived arrogance] and gave me the, 'Wow, what an arrogant...' comment. I put a little follow up on there to try to better explain what I meant by that. What I was really trying to imply was not that I am a better game designer than anyone else, or be boastful of my skills versus anyone else's skills. What I was really trying to say was that if you take almost any of the original creators out of the original property [Ultima Online], the original property changes.

My statement was really meant to say that when the detail of world crafting is held in the mind of the original creator, it's very difficult to do it without that original creator. That was the intention of my statement.