Infinity Blade II Reviews

We have rounded up some more reviews for ChAIR Entertainment's iOS fantasy action-RPG Infinity Blade II, which keeps receiving very positive scores and comments from the dedicated press.

GamesRadar, 8/10.
Infinity Blade II makes quick work to slash apart most of the grievances we had with the original while improving on literally every aspect, but the sequel isn't without issues. Despite charging towards feeling like a truly complete game, the linearity still holds it back, though we imagine downloadable content will likely fill out the experience.

AppSafari, 5/5.
Infinity Blade II is everything an iOS game should be. It's beautiful, it's addicting, and it's quite possibly the most fun you can have playing an iOS game. This is one game that belongs in every iPhone and iPad owner's library. Infinity Blade II is a universal app that is available now in the App Store for $6.99.

AppGamer, 10/10.
So Infinity Blade II isn't exactly a major overhaul of the original game, but it doesn't need to be. The additional elements and added strategy improve an already impressive title and yet again, those amazing vistas and detailed enemies manage to impress.

AppSmile, 4.5/5.
Replay value is good, as the customization options and forked paths create a greater sense of control over your fate despite its strongly linear progression. The multiplayer mode that was included as an update to the original is absent from the sequel at launch, but we hope to have a similar experience that adds it at a later date. GameCenter integration offers leaderboards and achievements, and iCloud syncs your progress across devices. A nasty crash bug that plagued many players at launch seems to have been eradicated for the most part, but there remains some issue with progress saving, which will hopefully be taken care of very soon. Once past these hurdles, Infinity Blade II should supplant the original as a must-have favorite for many. A universal app for $6.99, Infinity Blade II is a terrific, 4.5-Dimple stud.

Middle East Gamers, 9/10.
All of these various improvements, from the subtle shifts in music to the beautiful scenery to high-res textures create a visual environment so deep that you'll totally feel lost in it. The story is very intriguing, and while it isn't breaking any barriers, it's genuinely great to see so much attention to detail in a game developed for mobile platforms. Ultimately all of these new additions combine with the brilliantly improved gameplay and much more responsive touch based gestures to create one of the best mobile games of all time.

1UP, B+.
That history of providing new content and support for their last game, along with the promise of more to come for this one (such as the recent update which fixed the initial version's audio bugs among other things; and a multiplayer content pack), make it easy to recommend picking up Infinity Blade II. If only to show your cynical, nay-saying, 3DS-and-PSP-hugging friends that, yes, "big-boy" games do indeed belong on mobile devices.

Gamezebo, 4/5.
For everything Infinity Blade II has added to the formula, Chair seems to have been just as quick to take something away. It's a sizable adventure to be sure, and there's no doubt it's an absolute must play but at the same time, it feels like they're holding back content simply so they'll have something to offer as an update down the road. And when that (something) could be content that was in your last game... well... that just feels like cheating.