Lineage II Going Free-to-Play on November 30th

Another subscription-based MMO is officially going free-to-play, as NCsoft has issued a press release announcing that Lineage II will take on a "Truly Free" business model when its Goddess of Destruction update launches on November 30th. Specifics on how it will all shake out are below:
Lineage® II Goddess of Destruction to Launch as Truly Free November 30

Robust content update features breakthrough business model, progression rewards, leveling guidance and exploration packs

Seattle, WA - November 14, 2011 - NCsoft®, the world's premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), today revealed additional information on the accelerated player leveling offerings coming within LineageII's Goddess of Destruction, the largest update to the game in its history launching on November 30. Along with Lineage II's Truly Free business model offers, complete with no account restrictions - no zone, level (1-99) or player interaction restrictions, players will experience new website features including an innovative web-based leveling guide and item shop, enhancing all that Lineage II has to offer.

Lineage II player progression will now be heavily rewarded through levels 1-76 as part of Path to Awakeningâ„¢, an exclusive leveling guide designed specifically for Lineage II. Along with bonus support items like buffs and time limited gear enabling accelerated progression through the game, Path to Awakening will provide players with interactive maps detailing recommended leveling areas as well. Players looking to speed their leveling experience can enter the newly christened item shop, the L2 Galleria, and purchase three levels of Exploration Packs.

New to Lineage II, Exploration Packs offer additional ways to accelerate game experience, each featuring support items like Luxury Cocktails, Super Minion Coupons, Blessed Spiritshots and more, each catering to specific play styles.

'¢ The Discovery Pack - For the casual player who plays for short periods to discover Lineage II. This pack includes a sizable number of support items plus special bonuses including an R-grade Weapon Seal Scroll and an R-grade Top-Grade Life Stone designed to bring players more fun in short bursts of time.
'¢ The Adventure Pack - For the determined player who likes challenges. This pack includes the bonus items from the Discovery Pack, an R-grade Weapon Enchant Scroll as well as other support items, designed to speed players ahead of most others on the way to Awakening.
'¢ The Destiny Pack - For the Lineage II grandmaster intent on transcending the rest. Along with the bonus items from the Adventure and Destiny Packs, a huge number of support items and a special item that differs every month, players will receive a R-grade Unbind Scroll until the end of December.

Players will be able to prepurchase the Exploration Packs on November 23 in the L2 Galleria. As a seasonal promotion, players will receive valuable bonuses through December.

More information on the Lineage II Truly Free business model and the Goddess of Destruction update can be found here

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