Might & Magic Heroes VI Review

The latest review for Black Hole Entertainment and Ubisoft's Might & Magic Heroes VI, which despite the name is a sequel to Heroes of Might and Magic V, comes from RPGFan, which is clearly not impressed with the title and awards it a lukewarm 61%.
Fortunately, cursor blinking is where the graphical complaints end, though this seems more like a technical problem than a graphical issue. MMH6 is a beautiful game with fantastic artwork. From detailed map design to glowing items on the field to fluid attacking animations in battle, MMH6 is at least pleasant to look at. Overused, repetitive lucky strikes in battle and transforming territories, while eye-catching initially, quickly lose their luster after several views. That said, this seems like a constant mistake that all developers make a little bit of variation does wonders to a gamer's experience, devs. I know the publishers are pushing you to work on this or that by a certain deadline, but please try to at least sneak in some random fort destruction animation. Please?

Might & Magic Heroes VI's entire experience is driven by repetitious, mechanical tactics; it should be reserved for those with masochistic tendencies. The average gamer should definitely pass this up. For fans of this sub-genre, I recommend King's Bounty: Armored Princess. MMH6 crosses the taboo threshold that even bad games should never tread: when gaming likens to work. For me, the greatest pleasure I got out of MMH6 was finally deciding to stop playing.