GB Feature: Fallout: New Vegas and DLC Post-mortem Interview, Part Two

The second half of our Fallout: New Vegas post-mortem interview with Chris Avellone is online, and this time we journey into NPC design, protagonist design, player consequence, gear importance, and easter egg territory:
At the conclusion of Lonesome Road, a lot of things in the courier's past are still kept pretty vague. Was this done to ensure that there wasn't too much history outside of the player's control? Would you say that Lonesome Road tells us more of the courier's story, or more of the story as told through Ulysses' idiosyncracies?

Ulysses does refer to what the player would have done to the Mojave if Benny hadn't intervened - in some respects, Benny's intervention frees the player from a certain ignorance they might have had with a seemingly-innocuous delivery quest to Vegas.

So in essence, Lonesome Road is a story of what could have happened if the player completed their journey, made the delivery, none the wiser for how that would affect the balance of power in Vegas and the Mojave.
Many thanks go out to Chris for sharing so much information and seeing this entire interview through to the end. He's an upstanding guy, and a highly skilled designer to boot.