The Secret World Interview

IGN talked with Funcom's senior producer and director Ragnar Tørnquist and lead writer Dag Scheve on their upcoming conspiracy-theories-based MMO The Secret World, focusing on the Templar organization for their chat, with the questions examining their morality, leadership and more. Here's a snip:
IGN: What techniques do the Templars employ to remain under the radar of the public?

Dag Scheve: While the entire secret world have a duty to prevent too much of the truth to get out, the Templars have historically been less concerned with having a public image as long as it's one of power and force. They are comfortable with the general misinformation that has been handed down through history, and the image of the Knights Templar is perfect for them, as it keeps attention away from what they're actually doing here and now. Additionally, in most European countries, the Templars have such a strong position that the governments and ruling parties help them preserve the common misconceptions.

IGN: Who are the Templar's biggest threats? Who are their greatest allies?

Ragnar Tørnquist: The Templars and the Illuminati have been at each other's throats for thousands of years, and it didn't help that the Templars nearly eradicated their enemy during the Middle Ages in Europe, prompting the Illuminati's move to -- and eventual control over -- the New World. There is no love lost between the two factions, although Templars and Illuminati members do team up to fight the greater darkness. The Templars trust no one but their own, but consider anyone who takes up arms against evil to be allies of sorts.unless they're wearing the Illuminati blue, of course.


IGN: Does the Templar faction favor a certain combat style over the others? If so, in what way and why?

Ragnar Tørnquist: Players are free to choose any fighting style and weapon they want, and there's no advantage given to any of them, though the Templars have long been known to dabble in the occult Blood Magic. In their defense, they say that the enemy's weapon is best turned against them, and have sworn to destroy all tomes and spells once the war on evil is finally at an end.