Might & Magic Heroes VI Reviews

We have rounded up two more reviews for Black Hole Entertainment's Might & Magic Heroes VI, both ultimately favorable towards the sixth installment of the strategy/role-playing hybrid spin-off of the esteemed Might & Magic franchise.

Mash Those Buttons, 4/5.
A robust map and scenario editor for the game is at the community's command as well (which is found in the folder where your game install is located, under .ditor.exe'), meaning there will certainly be even more content released by fans for consumption in the future. It's a good thing too, because the campaign doesn't have a random map generator to mix things up. The worst thing the game is suffering from at this point aside from the Conflux are the number of bugs affecting the game. They are affecting new features like the Blood & Tears system, Conflux features like Dynasty Weapons, and much more. Running into one can leave you anywhere from a frozen game, to having to replay entire campaign maps. Ubisoft is currently working on fixes, but it will take some time before all the problems are addressed.

Ultimately, Might & Magic Heroes VI is a good game, but one buried underneath its own bugs and DRM. It's a game that is worth buying eventually, but proves the idea that some games just shouldn't be bought at launch. Perhaps, when the bugs are fixed, the AI is improved, and the inevitable expansions for the game are released, we'll be able to safely place MMHVI among the games worthy of the Might & Magic moniker. For now, I advise prospective buyers to wait until patch 1.2 is released (no time frame as of yet) before dedicating your hard-earned money to this game. A demo is available for the extra curious in the meantime.

Capsule Computers, 9/10.
This is one game that I've had to force myself to stop playing (just so that I could write this review). I used to play Heroes of Might and Magic (I-III) and am loving the square grid over thehexagonal grid used in the older games. It makes fighting on some of the more exotic arenas much more easier to navigate (like the lillyponds that are narrow in the middle, as opposed to the big open plains). If you loved the classics, then returning to this will make you feel at home.

Might and Magic Heroes VI (I'm not sure what's with the rebranding of the title, I much prefer the older longer title Heroes of Might and Magic) is an amazing game that captures the feel of the classic games while still retaining something for itself. It's an incredibly long game, with the story and the like, but offers much replay value in the form of added difficulties, custom games and an ever long multiplayer. In a game, you'll be wanting to get the most for your money as you possibly can, and with this title Might and Magic Heroes VI you most definitely will. For just one more turn. C'mon, just one more turn. Seriously. This the last turn, I swear. One more turn.