Might & Magic Heroes VI Reviews

We have rounded up a few new reviews for Black Hole Entertainment's TBS/RPG hybrid set in the Might & Magic universe, Might & Magic: Heroes VI, which has garnered mixed impressions so far.

Ten Ton Hammer, 68/100.
Heroes of Might and Magic VI isn't a bad game, per se; it's just that it it's too safe. Too little has changed between the combat and overworld map, and that which was changed was merely changed for convenience rather than mixing things up. All of the pieces of a good game in the series are here, but to be blunt. this could and SHOULD just be an expansion or mod for HoMM V that adds the new campaign and Sanctuary race.

Video Game Writers, 4/5.
The small legion of truly hardcore Heroes fans the kind that know the lore chapter and verse, salivate over stats, and think the series peaked with Heroes III will bellow and bellyache about the changes to the formulae: the new units, the boss battles, the reduced resources, the overall streamlined experience. For most of us, who just dip into Heroes now and again, but still appreciate that the series is one of the best of the genre, Might & Magic: Heroes VI is a happy reminder of the pleasantly addictive rhythm and rewards of turn-based strategy games. The copy protection scheme is odious, the story is a wash, but overall, Heroes VI does the franchise proud.

EL33T ONLINE, 4/5.
It's clear from the start that Black Hole took its cue from Heroes III, still considered by most to be the best game in the series, and some have gone as far as to describe Heroes VI as Heroes III HD. I don't think it's quite that good, but I can see the potential in it. I am glad that it is so much improved from the demo I played briefly at Gamescom, which felt woefully unpolished congratulations to Black Hole for reviving the series with aplomb. With a few more factions, a lot more polish, a less dodgy Uplay DRM and shell, and a town view we might have something that could even surpass the 12 year old classic. Imagine that!

Darkstation, 8.0/10.
I can't speak for those who have been following this series since the beginning, but coming into it new has certainly been an interesting experience. Fans of strategy games and those looking for something a little different would be interested in the title. For beginners, there is a bit of a learning curve to get through and with an adjustable difficulty setting, you can easily take things slow. I just wish certain aspects of the game were explained a bit better.

Fans of Ubisoft's Uplay should take note. I have never seen a game with such heavy branding! The game's launcher is taken up primarily by the in-game achievements earned and the amount of Uplay points that have been accumulated. As with any recent Ubisoft product, you can spend the Uplay points you've obtained on a selection of various digital items such as branded wallpapers and in-game perks. Oh, Uplay!