Baldur's Gate is Game Developers' All-time Favorite

There have been many arguments over the past decade on why the design, perspective, and scope that were utilized in order to create the original Baldur's Gate are no longer capable of creating a successful title in the modern-day video game industry. People just don't want a party-based, stats-heavy, isometric RPG anymore, right? Well, not according to this report on Eurogamer, which cites a poll of over 1000 game developers that picked Baldur's Gate as their all-time favorite game:
1000 developers have voted Baldur's Gate as their favourite all-time game, the World Gaming Executives network has announced.

BioWare's seminal RPG beat the Diablo series (second) and the Curse of Monkey Island series (third) to the crown.

Shadow of the Colossus (fourth), the Mass Effect series (fifth), Batman: Arkham Asylum (sixth), StarCraft (seventh), The Legend of Zelda (eighth), EverQuest (ninth) and Devil May Cry (10th) followed.

From 11 to 20, the list read: Tomb Raider series (11th), BioShock (12th), Metal Gear Solid (13th), World of Warcraft (14th), Deus Ex (15th), Super Mario series (16th), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (17th), Silent Hill (18th), Assassin's Creed (19th), Deadspace (20th).
I find it interesting that another isometric RPG, Diablo, was #2. A decade from now, will we look back as fondly at the oversaturated FPS genre?