Legend of Grimrock Development Update

There isn't a new screenshot to be had this week, but that doesn't mean we didn't get a weekly development update on the official Legend of Grimrock website. By the sounds of it, the first-person, party-based RPG is coming along quite nicely:
'¢ We've reworked the skill system and there should be tons of added flavor in this new version. Leveling up and creating the characters is now much more interesting!
'¢ A lot of game balance improvements. Monster stats and where they can be found in the game have been improved and we've also fiddled around with some of the items as well as looked at how quickly the characters develop.
'¢ A new monster, mostly geared towards the end game sections, is in the works.
'¢ The steady trickle of new items continues. New ranged weapons like a sling and a crossbow have been added and a new set of armor and a shield have also been done and some other more minor things. We have well over 100 items in the game now.
'¢ We have four new spells. Although it's basically one new kind of spell that has four variants of it.
'¢ There's some new variations in enemy animations to reduce some of the repetition.
'¢ We have a pretty much final version of the theme song too! Maybe we'll have to release a new video some day so that we would have a good excuse to showcase the music too. :)