CCP Games Interview

There's an interview with CCP Games' Kristoffer Touborg on GameSpot, during which the designer answers questions about World of Darkness, EVE Online, the future of the MMORPG industry, and more. Since we know very little about WoD, here are the questions specifically related to the horror-themed title:
GS: World of Darkness Online was recently unveiled. Are there any new details you can share with us?

KT: Not really for World of Darkness. We have Eve out now; we are looking at Dust next, and then World of Darkness, so we are still kind of keeping that under wraps. We do traditionally go to the "Grand Masquerade" to give out a few bits of information, but aside from that we are still in the teaser timeline, so nothing new to say about World of Darkness.

GS: It is a single-shard world like Eve?

KT: I don't think we can really say whether it is single-shard or not. We would like it to be so that all users can interact with each other, but we are not ready to unveil the actual final architecture of it yet.

GS: We understand that additional White Wolf settings such as Mage: The Ascension and Werewolf: The Apocalypse are not planned to be implemented for playable characters at the game's launch. Are Mage or Werewolf characters and content/skills definitely planned for implementation at a future date into World of Darkness Online, or do you perhaps plan to implement either of these settings into an entirely different game?

KT: Of course we would love to leverage the entire IP. With White Wolf we inherited a really, really rich set of games, a really rich story, so hopefully we'll see a lot of it. Whether you are going to be able to play as a werewolf in the expansion to World of Darkness, or they are going to have their own game, it's too early to tell, but it would be dumb of us as a company not to leverage all the stuff we have. So let's hope you'll see Mage in some way, shape, or form.