Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin DLC Reviews

We have rounded up three new reviews for Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassins, the latest DLC published so far by BioWare for their divisive fantasy RPG sequel, and they're all favorable towards the title.

IGN, 8.5/10.
And, boom, a mere six hours later she's gone. It's a pity that Tallis doesn't stick around after her mission; she's a nice alternative to dwarf-boy on the Rogue front, and it would have been good to explore her unique ability tree more, which lower-level characters won't get to experience. That said, this is a neat little expansion, well formed and surprisingly well-paced; if you enjoyed the main game, it's definitely worth a download.

RPGFan, "Fans Only".
Honestly, what makes DLC so appealing is that it can bring you back to a world that you long since abandoned, and for some, that's enough. But will Mark of the Assassin quench your Dragon Age craving entirely? The answer here is yes for Felicia Day worshippers and Dragon Age fans deeply interested in the world. But ten dollars for the price of admission to a three hour DLC is hard to recommend for everyone, especially with the combat being such a letdown. Still, with the strong characterization, there's something here to love for fans. I just hope I'll get to see Tallis again sometime soon... our first journey was over far too quickly.

Capsule Computers, 9/10.
Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin has a different feel to the rest of the game, it's lighter and heaps of fun. There's an awesome story line that holds up on its own and really gets you into it. It is definitely worth a play through.