X-Men Destiny Reviews

We have rounded up a few more reviews for Silicon Knights' Marvel-property-based action-RPG X-Men Destiny, which pretty much echo the negative impressions that have been already expressed in the very first reviews that came out for the title.

411mania, 5.5/10.
X-Men: Destiny could intrigue some hardcore gamers and X-Men fanatics. But the game in execution doesn't really deliver something truly special. It doesn't quite follow in the foot steps of more superior Marvel comic games such as the X-Men: Legends or Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games or come close to surpassing the stronger Spider-Man games that were produced.

Splitkick, scoreless.
X-Men Destiny is at best inoffensive, at worst it is a dark mark on the X-Men name comparable to (X-Men: The Official Game). Do not go into this expecting the quality of Raven's X-Men Legends, nor the depth. Don't even go into this expecting the superior brawling of Raven's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Don't expect Raven's understanding of X-Men. wait, spot the trend yet Activision? You OWN a studio which makes outstanding X-Men and Marvel games. Give them the franchises back, so I can stop having to endure crap like this. Do not buy, do not rent, do pretend it never happened.

Epic Games Review touches on it briefly in an article in which they also review Spider-man: Edge of Time, 3/10.
And for X-Men: Destiny. Destined to be CRAP is more like it. One of the WORST X-Men games I've played yet.

Finally, Angry Joe gives it the video review treatment, 6/10.