Might & Magic Heroes VI Reviews

We're starting to see a slow trickle of reviews for Black Hole's Might & Magic Heroes VI, though we only have one in this batch that doesn't require a Google Translating. And that would be Cheat Code Central, with a score of 4.2/5:
There's no way that Heroes VI could have pleased everyone relative to its predecessors, some people will say it didn't change enough, and some will say it changed too much. Nonetheless, this is a huge, well-made title that stays true to the roots of the series without throwing in the towel and becoming a straight-up nostalgia trip. It can be punishing at times, and its elaborate plot is a spectacular misfire thanks to the horrendous voice acting, but it's a must-play for Might & Magic fans.

3D Juegos goes with an 8.8/10:
As addictive as ever and enforcing the now legendary phrase "one more turn and ended" Heroes VI presents this as a great game of strategy and role shift that has been able to add interesting new game and through a formula with 25 years of history behind it. Both fans and new users will find, therefore, with a title as much fun as extensive in content that does not disappoint.

GRY OnLine hits it with an 8.5/10:
The assessment of such production as the Might and Magic: Heroes VI is no easy matter. This game you have to spend a lot of time, and even then some things started to notice only after several months of regular play. I had this tremendous comfort that I could watch the "six" in various stages of its development, so I'm able to appreciate the marked improvement in many aspects of the game, such as round-honed balance. I admit at the same time without breaking - at every stage I was playing well, and when finally it was given to me to play the full campaign, it gave me great pleasure. Because this is just the game - nice. Many of you will have difficulty accepting some solutions for many of you it will never overtake you-know-parts, but still worth giving a chance to newest edition of the cycle. I do not regret the time spent with the last Heroesami, in fact provided me with much more satisfaction than his time, "five". I have no doubt that Ubisoft made '‹'‹a good move, entrusting the production of the game of the Hungarian team. Waiting for more.

Gamers.at comes in with an 85%:
The optics of Might & Magic Heroes VI is a total fall very appealing, especially the battle fields and details are on the cards here to positive. The units are quite beautifully designed, but in the cutscenes in the close-up view is not quite as pretty, and sometimes also the camera angle chosen unfavorable. The same applies, incidentally, also for interludes during the campaign, which would significantly nicer to fail. This affects the overall presentation very wooden and the faces of the figures relatively poor detail with some very empty eyes. In contrast to the fifth part allows the 3D map no longer rotate, but the falls, at least on the general map at all non-negative weight. In cities, however one wishes sieges already frequently induced an opportunity to consider the events from a different perspective, especially if the units are currently covered by the gate. With music and sync the other hand, the developers have done a great job, because both are extremely consistent. Especially the German synchronization may well be heard, even when compared with the English a bit more going places. Especially in the sanctuary campaign of Japanese-English-accent of the speaker is very atmospheric, what we have, unfortunately, painfully missing in German. The soundtrack is also lagging very consistent, even when the music plays again after a short time and just the theme for much of the battlefield, "The Lord of the Rings" reminded. Here also different sounds for different fractions would have been very nice.

Gamer.no slaps it with a 7/10:
Although the game is similar to its predecessors, is the increased focus on the development of your quite the innovation that is most welcome as it is in many ways gives the game a deeper dimension. Heroes VI is a game that knows where it comes from and what it is. It is old fashioned and traditional, and even if there is room for such gaming experiences as we enter 2011 in the book, is its biggest problem that Heroes III from 1999 is a better game.

And Vandal arrives with an 8.5/10:
Might and Magic Heroes VI is updating and back through the front door of this legendary saga. Perhaps some of the changes that have entered does not finish among his fans like staunchest, but you can not deny that it is still as addictive as ever. With a classic gameplay, a great campaign, a strong commitment to online community and a great artistic section, the sixth installment of the series becomes a safe bet to enjoy the countless hours of fun.