Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin DLC Reviews

We have our first two reviews in for BioWare's latest story-based DLC for the much discussed sequel to Dragon Age: Origins, and they're both positive towards the developers' downloadable effort.

GameSpot, 7.0/10.
BioWare also attempted to provide gameplay diversity in the form of a stealth sequence. Here, you can temporarily knock out enemies or distract them by throwing a rock while paying attention to their vision cones to avoid detection. The high point: overhearing the servants banter as you sneak along the walkways above; the low point: breaking the sneaking mechanics. When you are caught, the area immediately resets and you begin at the most recent checkpoint. But these resets can break the enemy AI. If you knock out a guard after this reset, he might immediately spring back up. Or, he might deliver his excuse for passing out on the job, even if he's just standing there and wasn't even clobbered.

The stealth section is not the only example of sloppiness. As before, characters might talk over each other, one reciting the usual party banter while another speaks his or her story-related lines. Or triggering a scripted event might cut someone off mid-speech. Another disappointment: Tallis never becomes a full-time party member, which is a shame because she's one of the more delightful personalities in the Dragon Age universe. But overall, Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin is a jovial diversion. Familiar faces return and connect this tale to older ones, while a new friend gives this generally somber world a witty spark. And most importantly, foodstuffs are given emotional properties. Have you tried the cheese? It tastes of sorrow.

Just Push Start, 4.5/5.
Mark of the Assassin is no doubt ten times better than Legacy. The story that players will have to go through with Tallis is decent enough to get us hooked for four hours. In the end of the DLC, you will feel that the Mark of the Assassin DLC is too short and that's because you want more. For a measly $9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points, I would say that purchasing this DLC is worth every penny. The release of Mark of the Assassin DLC gives fans another hope that BioWare is going in the right direction when it comes to the DLC and to the Dragon Age lore. More DLC like this one please!

Finally, GameInformer offers some impressions:
No part of Mark of the Assassin feels broken or awful. It does feels like a missed opportunity to try some new things with the formula, though. It's more Dragon Age II, and that's tough to complain about. However, why pay $10 to do more of the same stuff that is abundantly available in the main game? If you think about that and your answer is still "But...but...Felicia Day!", then this DLC is right up your alley. Otherwise, take a pass.