X-Men Destiny Reviews

We have rounded up some more reviews for Silicon Knights' ill-fated X-Men-based action-RPG subtitled Destiny, which range from mediocre to negative in scores and opinions, just like the other reviews published so far.

PlayStation Universe, 6.5/10.
Overall, X-Men Destiny is a worthy rent and definitely worth the time of anyone who likes X-Men, anyone who enjoys trophy hunting, or even anyone who likes games in which Nolan North voices (the voice of Cyclops, by the way). A few standout features cannot justify the purchase of X-Men Destiny, but it is definitely a worthy rent and a fairly easy platinum.

GameDynamo, 60/100.
What Silicon Knights does, it does well enough to excuse a guilty playthrough, even if it is not game of the year material. If you'll excuse me I've got to ice down my thumbs and wait for my copy of Arkham City to arrive.

DualShockers, 5.0/10.
Ultimately, X-Men: Destiny can be summed up quite simply. It's most definitely not a bad game, but it's just mediocre in absolutely every single aspect. For every positive aspect there's an equally negative one, and every strong point the game earns is counterbalanced by some kind of frustration.

ParaNerds, 6.5/10.
X-Men: Destiny is a game with a great premise and an OK execution. The story is interesting and the characters are great but falls short of expanding itself which gives it a sort of rushed feeling. A lack of multiplayer is a surprise and the graphics seemed like it could have used a couple more weeks of being worked on. It's still a fun beat em' up with some excellent fan service but feels like there could have been a little more work put in to it, it does sadly feel rushed as a whole and the amount of questionable glitches and bugs really brings the game down to a halt. If you're an X-Men fan there are worse X-Men titles than this one, I still say it's at least worth a rent but hard to suggest purchasing, it's worth at least one play through just for the story itself.

Xbox Gaming, 3/5.
It's ironic that a game about mutation, which is apparently the key to our evolution, has done the complete opposite. It's a pity because X-Men: Destiny is a game full of potential but this potential is never fully realised. That being said, I do take things for what they are and this game, contrary to what the developer has said, is not an action RPG, but rather a beat-em up that wouldn't be out of place in your console's disc tray on a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you can accept that then there is some fun to be had, especially if you are an X-Men fan.

Game Boyz, 5/10.
Overall, X-Men Destiny is a game you should avoid. It has little in the way of redeeming qualities and other than racking up some relatively easy Xbox Achievements or PlayStation Trophies, X-Men Destiny comes across as an unfinished product that will likely hit bargain bins come boxing day. Sadly, Silicon Knights' slump continues on.

Extreme Gamer, 4.2/10.
I wish it wasn't true, but X-Men: Destiny is a dud. A great licence with a good/experienced writer has been wasted with some uninspiring combat and a smoke-and-mirror feature set. It's been awhile since we have recommended you skip a X-Men game, but in X-Men: Destinys' case, it is for the best. There are better Marvel/X-Men games on the market, so save some bucks and look for a Ultimate Alliance or two.