DeathSpank: The Baconing Roesha DLC Released, Trailer

In case you're hungry for some more DeathSpank action and liked the latest offering by Hothead Games, The Baconing, you may be interested in knowing that the first DLC for the title, which introduces a.. 70s disco-style female cop to the title as a character, is now available on Playstation Network and Steam.  What's more, it's 50% off on the latter, making its price $0.99/€0.99. Have a promotional trailer:

And a quick summary:
Roesha is a downloadable co-op character who helps DeathSpank in both his battles and his adventure.

A 70's era inspired police woman with a nasty attitude and an over-sized pistol. Roesha gets results! When her gun is simply not enough she calls on her electric disco ball to take down a big crowd (watch them dance!). She can also fire First Aid shells at DeathSpank to heal her crime-fighting partner. And when she taunts, get ready for a Charlie's Angel inspired pose and some Roesha attitude. She is One Bad Mutha