GB Feature: Hellgate Global Interview

Following our Q&A with HanbitSoft's Namo Kang about Hellgate Global last month, we were curious how their T3Fun division would respond to a set of similar questions. So, with a little extra keyboard magic, we whipped up another set and forwarded them over to T3Fun operations manager David Song. A snip from the interview:
GB: Now that Tcoin microtransactions are supported in-game via the cash store, have you seen a steady stream of revenue coming in from players? Based on your early sales numbers, do you feel that the game will be able to sustain itself for years to come using this business model?

David: We don't want to make any predictions at this point but the game has been very well received and there is certainly a core set of maniac fans supporting the game every day. Hellgate has a great concept and dedicated, therefore we will never give up. While there are no official details yet you can expect news soon about development updates.