Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon Patch 1.0.3 Released

Since the release of his indie dungeon crawler Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon Jay 'Rampant Coyote' Barnson hasn't exactly stopped working, and has already put out a patch that should fix many issues with the title, bringing it to version 1.0.3. Here's the whole changelog:
Changes in version 1.03:

* Fixed corruptions in the Eastern Wilderness. Thanks Weron for catching this early!

Changes in version 1.01:
New Features:
* You can use the standard keyboard numbers 1-4 to choose the target friendly character in Spell target selection menu.
* The critical hit bonus of a weapon is now displayed in item data window in the inventory screen.
* Spacebar acts the same as the enter key for advancing dialogs and other windows.
* Venric's store now has a short bow and a chain mail hauberk. This only affects new games, not existing saved games.
* Character's base attack and defense scores (with current equipment, including shields) now displayed on character sheet.

Feature Changes:
* Slightly improved chance of success on searching.
* Luck provides a small bonus for searching.
* Hidden items now have a slightly larger discovery radius.
* Line-of-sight checks added to certain hidden items to avoid detecting items on another floor.
* Change text in options menu from "Full Screen Video" to "Play Full Screen" to prevent some confusion.
* Removed penalty for search checks for triggered traps.
* Slight increase in all character's magic defense to compensate for bug-fix on magical attack hit chance.
* Slight position change of some hidden objects to make them less annoying to find or work better with line-of-site checks.
* Added dice roll on results for magical attacks.

Fixed Issues:
* Hitting "escape" to close the journal no longer screws up your controls.
* Restoring default key controls from options menu now works correctly.
* Fixed bug where swapping characters prior to Benjamin leaving party would permanently remove one party member.
* Fixed issue with the Hoss's quest where the hidden stash may not be detectable if another hidden stash had been uncovered.
* Skipping empty save-game slots no longer causes crash or broken game state.
* "Blank" merchants in saved games force a refresh to defaults on load: No more getting left with empty merchants forever.
* Fixed a spot in Pokmor Xang where player could get stuck on crates in left guardroom.
* Removed the magical disappearing signpost in nighttime Ardin.
* Fixed corner of a house in Ardin that was floating slightly above the ground.
* Tweaked screen resolution filters to prevent unplayably small resolutions or prevent playing in native (or higher) resolutions.
* Fixed the very ugly defaulting to 16-bit in full-screen mode.
* Fixed bug in Energy Conservation feat that was often preventing it from reducing endurance costs.
* Canceling the travel menu with the escape key no longer leaves player stuck in area border zone.
* Exiting other windows will no longer leave the main screen in combat mode when combat has ended.
* Fixed bug with certain types of dice rolls (particularly spell hits & searches) that was producing reduced success rates.
* Fixed bug where incapacitated characters with autofade would still fade at the beginning of combat. I know autofading uses no endurance, but I had no idea it required that little exertion! :)
* Shield bonus now works for weapons in primary hand.
* Eliminated shield bonus on non-magical weapons except for parrying dagger.
* Darkened empty drama star sockets.
* Fixed Various typos. Not including this on.

And here's a direct link to the patch, should you experience problems with the page.