GB Feature: Frayed Knights Preview

Just in time for what appears to be the eve of Frayed Knights' launch day comes our hands-on preview of the humorous party- and turn-based RPG. Here are two paragraphs to get you started:
The player takes control of a party of four: Arianna, Dirk, Chloe and Benjamin, following the staple of warrior, rogue, sorceress and priest. There's no character creation or customization at the start, and the characters are always represented by the same portraits. The character system is fairly complex, with upgrades divided over attributes, enhancements, proficiencies, skills and spell-casting, which provide a variety of passive enhancements, fulfilling item requirements and providing active combat skills and spells. There's a good variety of items, weapon types that interact with weapon skills well, armor with disadvantages for the non-warrior types, supportive items for spellcasters (wands, scrolls, gems). It's a good and seemingly well-balanced system, though obviously I didn't test it to its limits.

You can upgrade any character as you like, but the game is built to encourage to stick to the character's specialization, so you'll want to focus Arianna mostly as a brawler, and Benjamin as a supporting spell-caster, but you can get creative with some secondary skills. The system is certainly expansive enough where RPG fanatics can puzzle with skills and proficiencies and specific items to optimize their characters, but on the other hand, I just jumped in with no preparation, and the game isn't so complex as to make that style of play impossible.