Hellgate Global Reviews

Hanbitsoft and T3Fun have made a lot of people happy by bringing Hellgate back from the dead here in North America, and while the resurrected version is still in open beta, that hasn't stopped GameOgre from doing a first impression piece:
It does take some time to get used to the method and scheme that the game uses, but soaking demons with toxic damage or blowing them up with lightning can be extremely stress-relieving. Although, it's possible to easily run into an area solo and discover its overwhelmingly difficult; it's also possible to become extremely overpowered in this game, removing most of the challenge from earlier areas.

If Hellgate had not gone free-to-play, it would undoubtedly have been overtaken by other titles and driven itself into obscurity; however, by switching models to a free-to-play with freemium, HanbitSoft has resurrected this interesting title and breathed new life into its community.

And Azztech from doing a full-on review:
There are 6 classes 2 with swords, 2 with guns/bots, and 2 with magic/minions. All classes can use guns..just different types. Grouping doesn't use the trinity of Healer, Tank, DPS.there are no healers. Most classes have some skills mixed in to heal themselves, and there are HP injectors. A tank type person can be handy in some very hard boss fights but everyone is a DPS'er and that is pure fun.

Hellgate is non-stop action, creepy and dark, and will give you a bit of an adrenalin rush as you mow down enemies and sneak through tunnels. You can solo all of the beginning of the game but as you get into your 40'²s you will run into a boss or two that you just can't down alone. At that point just look for a group or enlist a buddy. This is a very fun game to grab 1 or 2 other people to level up with you. My son and I have a blast together. It won't become your next MMO that you stay in for years, but it is a great game to get some entertainment value from.and its FREE.