Fallout 5: What CVG Wants to See

I don't think anyone doubts that there will be another installment to the popular Fallout franchise, and that has unsurprisingly led to CVG breaking down the elements they'd like to see added and tweaked in the next entry. Was Fallout: New Vegas technically considered "Fallout 4", though?
In Fallout, customisation has been defined more by the items you pick up on your travels rather than being able to actually tweak character traits and appearance to your liking directly.

We want to have more control over our face (doesn't everyone?). There are plenty of games in the world with really sophisticated character customisation suites and, if you ask us, being able to tweak every eyebrow hair only serves to make you feel more connected to your character and, therefore, the game as well.

It can be taken further than threads and bone structure though, customisation shouldn't end when you leave the creation station.

We've always felt that the Fallout Karma system could be a little less stark and - in a related way - the dialogue mechanic could be more complex.

We'd like to be able to craft our character's personality and the way he or she is perceived through both our words and our actions. While Fallout has always had different dialogue options pointing towards different personality traits, none of them really seem to have that much lasting effect.

Maybe it's just that folk in a post-apocalyptic world have to be more understanding (radioactive times are hard) but it seems you have to nuke a town before its inhabitants will look at you with a burning glare.