Game of Thrones RPG Preview has kicked up a preview of Cyanide's upcoming A Game of Thrones RPG. It doesn't contain a whole lot of new information, but it's interesting to note that they compare it to Dragon Age and The Witcher 2 throughout the article. From the Google translation:
And Alester, and Morse - the characters previously prescribed, with their beliefs and mindset. One priest, the other soldier. Therefore, the class level of freemen Dungeons & Dragons do not have to wait. But the place for creativity still remains. Word of the authors: "At the start, you must choose one of three possible classes for each character - with his skills, as well as active and passive abilities. And still have to determine personality traits, both positive and negative, which give the bonuses and penalties. "

We will be able to influence the characteristics of heroes numerous outfits (as captured or acquired for their money). On the characteristics and on what is currently wearing hero, the success in the battle. "We want to make fights visually appealing and dynamic. Violate the keys do not have "- told the French.

In battle, you can use the special abilities of each class, and when you select them and shuffle, the game goes into slo-mo (which is again reminiscent of "The Witcher"). Will and combos, and unique skills for each character. For example, Morse can be used in battle and his dog with his own means to penetrate into remote places, for example, to eavesdrop on an important conversation. And Alester "has some power over the elements of fire." At the same time, according to the authors, the magic in the game, as in the book, almost not. Well, the more interesting to see how the French will cope with this contradiction.