Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues DLC Reviews

We have rounded up a few new reviews for Obsidian's latest add-on for Fallout: New Vegas, Old World Blues, in line with the positive reception the piece of downloadable content has received so far.

IGN, 8.0/10.
The brightest spot of Old World Blues is the dialogue. Character interactions are fantastic and I laughed out loud on numerous occasions. The five brains that reside in the Think Tank are an extremely entertaining bunch Dr. O reminds me of Norm MacDonald, Dr. Klein's voice module was altered to constantly yell, Dr. 8 only speaks in radio static, Dr. Borous talks like a sports announcer and Dr. Dala is a sultry-voiced female who's turned-on by your human form and climaxes in a shower of energy cells. Yeah, they went there.

Just Push Start, 4.5/5.
Old World Blues is the best DLC for Fallout New Vegas so far. It has set the bar for the upcoming Lonesome Road add-on. It's cast of varied and unique character are at the heart of the experience. Each one helps liven up the already enticing story a little bit more. As for content, well this is Fallout; there's plenty of it. However, players may feel fatigue part-way through from the similarly designed missions as they work through the story. Overall, Old World Blues is one of the greatest entries to Fallout DLC and should not be missed by any fan of the game.

Piki Geek, 5/5.
Old World Blues is everything that the previous New Vegas DLCs were not funny, content-heavy and fun to play rather than being ponderous and slow. My only real complaint is that the five extra experience levels are used up quickly thanks to the abundance of combat encounters, so giving us an extra 10 levels instead might have been preferable. Still, it's far and away the best piece of DLC available for Fallout: New Vegas (hell, it beats a few of Fallout 3's DLC packs as well) and should not be missed.

Australian Gamer, scoreless.
In all honesty I don't believe there is any part of Old World Blues that I really disliked, aside from the already present modicum of jankiness provided by Fallout: New Vegas itself. As a DLC package, its brilliant fun and adds cool new content to the Mojave. I guess the only complaint I can think of is that outside of a desire for more Fallout: New Vegas content, there is no real reason to purchase the DLC. If you're looking for some fun new quests and characters and locations, it's brilliant and well worth the purchase. But unlike things like the Shadow Broker pack for Mass Effect 2, or the Broken Steel pack for Fallout 3, there's nothing game changing within. It's the classic example of a four-out-of-five star piece of content it is fun and adds a bunch of content for players who are already invested, but it's not the sort of thing that will convince new players to jump in on the Fallout bandwagon.

And finally, Duck and Cover, scoreless as customary.
I loved this dlc, personally, I find the jokes funny, the area engaging to explore, and the new toys fun to play with. The story itself is thin on the ground in this one, but the point of this one isn't the story. Think of it as one big, long, Fallout 2 style special encounter, ala the City at the Edge of Forever event. And that's sorta what will probably influence if you like this or not the most. It really does sorta play as a post apocalyptic episode of the Venture Brothers, and if you enjoy that show, you are likely to be deeply amused. If not...well there's still alot here along the lines of useful content, weapons, armor, and The Sink.The Sink alone is a helpful boon for hardcore players. If you're interested, I'd say this is the first dlc worth the price of admission right now. Again, this is my opinion, yours may vary, yadda yadda yadda.