Mythos Review

Reviews for the back-from-the-grave hack'n'slash MMO Mythos haven't been exactly been plentiful, but luckily for us, PC Gamer has published a brief piece we report on for your perusal. While the reviewer notes that the idea isn't without its potential, he considers the execution sloppy and awards the game a below-average 43/100. Here's the conclusion:
Mythos is at least generous with its pricing system. You can play the entire game for free, and use the item store to buy such conveniences as temporary inventory expansions, fast-travel charms, and cooldownfree health potions, priced at between 20-70p each. There's also a £10 retail edition of the game that comes with an in-game pet and a bundle of identification charms, experience-boost items and a summonable merchant NPC. Bought individually, these items are cost slightly more than if you went with the boxed version, but it's not worth the gamble when you can try out the game for free.

The real price of Mythos is the investment of time it requires for you to become powerful. With the recent explosion of free-to-play MMOs, there's no shortage of online RPGs that promise more long-term rewards for all those hours of levelling. Many of Mythos's problems may stem from its fraught inception, and there's a great idea at its heart, but in practice it offers a disjointed and strangely lonely experience