Drakensang Complete Saga Revealed

Over on the dtp Entertainment forums, moderator "dtp nils" has revealed that ValuSoft will be releasing a "Complete Saga" bundle pack that includes Drakensang: The Dark Eye, Drakensang: The River of Time, and Drakensang: Philleason's Secret in North America on September 20th. It's unclear if a boxed version will be made available, but I'm partial to a digital release for compilations anyway:
ValuSoft will publish a Complete Saga edition including The Dark Eye, River of Time and Phileasson's Secret in the USA. The release is planned for the 20th September of 2011. As far as i know, they are still deciding whether to publish it online only or also as boxed product, they have rights for both.
Good to hear - these games shouldn't be missed. Thanks, RPGWatch.