Hellgate Global Enters Open Beta, All Content For $4

Do you remember paying $150 for a lifetime subscription to Hellgate: London? I certainly do. And that's why I'm pretty ecstatic to report that an "eternal and everlasting" ticket subscription to access all of the Act 3, Act 4, Act 5, 2nd Attack, Stonehenge, and Abyss Chronicles content in the North American relaunch of Hellgate Global will only set us back $4. Good news all around in this announcement:
Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce that you will no longer need to download a new client to play. All you have to do is run your existing Hellgate client and let it patch automatically. Servers open on June 30, 2011 7:30PM NY Time.

Also, the Ticket will be priced at $4.00.

Thank you and see you at the gates.

Feel free to use the Mail Inquiry section in the Support Tab of the T3Fun website or send us an inquiry in our support email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for any concerns/questions/clarifications.

Thank you.

GM Vallafar

Hellgate GM Team

If you'd like to learn more and are looking for a link to purchase the required TCoins for the ticket, we have a FAQ for you:
What is this ticket system?
- This "ticket" would appear as an in-game item that is available in our premium item mall. By using this, it would allow you to have access to Act3 contents till Abyss.

What are the contents that's you can activate by using the ticket?
- Acts 3-5
- Stonehenge
- 2nd Attack
- Abyss

*** On a side note: There will be no need for a Stonehenge Ticket. To enter a dungeon in Stonehenge, the character needs to talk to the altar near the portal to give 5 essences (the type of essence depends on the dungeon that you would like to enter).

How much would that ticket cost?
- 4000 Tcoins.

Do we have to purchase tickets for every character?
- No, the ticket is good for all 6 characters that you would create in your account. To make things simpler, 1 ticket = 1 account access

Do we have to pay for it monthly or does the ticket have expiration?
- No, the ticket has no expiration and is permanent once the account has been granted access.

Where can I buy the ticket?
- The ticket can be purchased through the in-game item shop. To open the item shop, you can click on the small "Premium Shop" button that is located just below the mini map. You can also use the shortcut key/button - "c".

Will there be a character wipe?
- There will be no character wipe for this phase (the one that's gonna start this today - June 30, 2011).

How will I charge/load my account with Tcoins?
- click here