Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress Previews

Should you be looking for more post-E3 information about Reality Pump's Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress expansion pack, then you need not look any further than Games Radar:
The developer has been listening closely to a lot of the fan complaints and at this point it seems like they're sparing no expense to improve the TWII experience. For example, they're ripping out a lot of the dialogue and have re-cast some of the lead characters due to complaints. They've improved the combat engine, animations, and added an all-new facial animation system.

And they've focused upon seafaring, as you might guess from the whole pirates thing in the title. You'll have a much greater focus on sailing in your little dingy, and pirates will be everywhere. We didn't get to see a ton of the content, but what we saw was pretty great. The ocean at sunset as we sailed across was legitimately beautiful, and the massive pirate ships are impressive.

And GamingLives:
It's important to note that, while being completely missing from the main Two Worlds II release, the weather system that added so much atmosphere to the original Two Worlds has been reintroduced. Whether this will bring that familiar chant of (It's raining, it's pouring) from the main character remains to be seen but, in all honesty, I'd love for the quirkiness to come back although I can't see it happening as the sequel certainly takes itself more seriously than its predecessor. With the promise of thunderstorms, it should make for some fantastic gameplay in the sailing segments, between fighting waves and wrestling the sails against the wind.

For anyone familiar with Two Worlds II and the sailing, it's likely that they experienced the same problems as I did at one point you find a spot to land the boat, spend time exploring the island and inevitably get caught up in a side quest which results in your teleporting back to the main island to off-load some of the newly-acquired inventory. and you forget where you left your boat in the process. It wasn't necessarily a bone of contention, as I generally travel on foot anyway, but there were areas at the northern most side of the largest island which appeared from the map to have small villages, but were unreachable after '˜mislaying' my boat. As trivial as it may sound, the inclusion of a boat marker and horse marker on the map had me more excited than anything else at this point.