Fallout: New Vegas Honest Hearts DLC Reviews

Another pair of Honest Hearts reviews surfaced on the 'net over the weekend, though neither one of them paints the Fallout: New Vegas DLC in a very favorable light.

PC Gamer starts us off with a score of 66/100:
It'll be handy against these monstrously thick-skinned hostile tribals while you're here, though. Against Utah's even-more-gianter varieties of the already-enlarged mutant mantises, geckos, spore plants, and really evil cazador wasps (plus reintroduced yao guai bears from Fallout 3), every little bit helps. The yao guai AI is noticably glitchier than normal, though, and I walked away from a few maulings I shouldn't have thanks to the giant bears abruptly deciding to flee. Cowardly bears are the worst bug I encountered, but Bethesda has confirmed a potential game-breaker exists if you're at a certain point in ED-E's quest when you go to Utah.

I wouldn't consider Honest Hearts to be flyover country, but once I'd completed the five hours worth of quest content, nothing here would bring me back.

And then Thunderbolt chimes in with an even more disappointing score of 5/10:
I must admit to being disappointed with how straightforward and unceremonious it was to meet Joshua Graham, the near mythical '˜Burned Man' whom Caesar covered in pitch, set ablaze and cast into the Grand Canyon for his failure at the first battle of Hoover Dam. Given his torturous back-story, I'd expected something more impressive. This disappointment exponentially expands to the experience of the DLC as a whole. Although it offers new characters, enemies, weapons, items, locations and traits, this quantity is not qualified by its quality. Honest Hearts delivers on the content level but it is lacking in essence, a strong narrative that makes you care about how your actions affect Zion and its people. This is a far from essential purchase and is only recommended for Fallout completists.