Spiderweb Software Interview

Spiderweb Software's Jeff Vogel has fielded several questions about the reception Avadon: The Black Fortress received, digital distribution platforms, the inXile Entertainment "RPGs were a 30-year detour" debate, what he's working on next, and more in a new interview on IndieRPGs.com.
You've stated that Avadon's sales exceeded your expectations. Without getting into specific numbers, would you say that adopting Avadon's more linear, class-based approach was a good business decision for Spiderweb?

I can't point at any one decision in Avadon and say, (That was the one.) Avadon is hundreds and hundreds of discrete decisions, each of which add up to one full game that turned out pretty well. What I will say is that changing everything up every few years is a good decision. I need to keep things fresh to not burn out. I don't think a lot of people realize how important this is.


Is there a danger in poking your head out of the small niche you've carved for yourself over the many years that you've been making games?

Change is always dangerous, but Avadon still very firmly in the same niche we've always been in. Low-budget, story-rich, indie RPG. The differences between Avadon and, say, Geneforge is really not that large.


Just a few days ago, you mentioned on your blog that you've made enough sales to enable you to create Avadon 2. Is Avadon 2 in development?

Not yet. We're working on the first Avernum rewrite right now. Avadon 2 is next year.