Mythos Reviews

We have another couple of reviews for what is arguably a candidate for the debatable honor of "MMORPG with the most troubled development history", Mythos, originally developed by Flagship Studios and "resurrected" by HanbitSoft and Frogster.

MMORPG Center, 7.5 .
Thus to the meat of the review, the game play. The game world is split up into quite small towns and villages which are connected by portals or skyship transport that load you into the new area. Most of these places have a dungeon portal that will take you to the various dungeon instances, which quests will direct you too. Quests are obtained using the (Talk to an NPC with a floating exclamation mark above their head) mechanic favoured by most MMOs. The quality of quests during the low levels were pretty good and they felt less of a grind. Sure most were kill and fetch with some nice low level bosses. but I didn't get any ridiculous demands like (collect 20 wolfpelts) or send you to the same boar inhabited forest every time like in other MMOs. Instead the dungeons you were sent to varied a lot, something I appreciated since it would have been easy for a Dev team on a free to play MMO to use the same template over and over for filler quests. Also to prevent having to travel back and forth from dungeons each time, around 3 NPCs would be offering slightly related quests but with different objectives around the same time for a particular dungeon. As good as the quest system is though, I found through research that end game content is basically more of the same but bosses with high HP count. I'm not convinced this will be enough for some.

Combat itself was tons of fun, I was running through the dungeons shooting and looting like a madman. That to me is the hallmark of a good Action RPG, fast and addictive combat and piles of loot. As you would expect then from a game of this style, combat is done with left mouse click for normal attack and right mouse click for your special attack and that is it. You can get different special attacks from certain weapons or investing skill points to unlock new skills during level-up. This will be different to some who are use to an action bar with 10+ different attacks you can use when you like. Not everyone likes having such a simple system but fans of games such as Diablo 2 will have no problems with it.

Web magazine Thirteen 1 goes scoreless, noting they liked the game but can't ignore its problems.