Mythos to Get Daily Quests

Formerly developed by Flagship Studios and resurrected by HanbitSoft hack'n'slash MMO Mythos is going to add daily quests at an unspecified date this month. The quests are available for characters from level 15 to 50 and are meant to counter the XP gap experienced by players while levelling through the mid-level range. Here's an excerpt of the overview of what is planned for the feature:
To counter the XP gap that you encountered while levelling through the mid-level range we are planning to implement a completely new feature in the game, a series of daily quests that should counter this issue without forcing a change in content on the players who enjoy the way the current system works.

We are aiming June for this big new feature!

The quests become available from level 15 and lasts until level 50, there will be 3 quests available per character level. There will be several different kinds of quests.

Collecting monster drops
Kills a boss
Search Items


The quests will reward your character with XP and ingame currency and will reset at 06:00 every morning. If your character finishes all three daily quests within the same reset you will receive a temporary buff that increases the XP gained from killing monsters by 100% for 60 minutes.