BioWare Voice Director Interview

The Gaming Liberty offers an interview with veteran voice director Ginny McSwain, who is credited on a score of BioWare titles, including Baldur's Gate, Jade Empire, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II.
Retroplayer- Ginny, did you, as a voice director, need to immerse yourself in the Mass Effect storyline? If so, how do you view the story that Bioware has laid out in front of us and do you feel that videogames are starting to rival film in terms of narrative and world building?

Ginny- Yes, I was totally immersed in both games. I wish I were more knowledgeable so I could get all (heady) about your question, but I'm not. I absorb what I can, and leave it at that. BUT, to answer your other question, the cinematic side of games in 2011 is almost surpassing film at this point.

Retroplayer- Ginny, there has been some negative fan reaction to the writing quality and relatively short development time on Dragon Age 2. On your end of things did you notice any differences in quality compared to Dragon Age: Origins and were you given less time to record the dialogue?

Ginny- Yes, I agree. I was only involved in spurts of the recording on DA 2.I didn't get a chance to get involved with the story as I had before. Recordings appeared to be fast and furious, and it was definitely not the same experience as when I was working on a higher-quality level with another director.

Retroplayer- Ginny, here's the question everyone wants to know- Are you returning as the voice director for Mass Effect 3?

Ginny- Not at this time.