Das Schwarze Auge Film Teaser Trailer

Non-German RPG fans might only know the Dark Eye/Das Schwarze Auge RPG franchise from the Drakensang and Realms of Arkania cRPGs, but it has been the most popular pen and paper franchise in Germany for decades now, so it is not completely surprising that after making the step to computer games (in the mid-90s and again recently) it might also be made into a film. The film production studio KSM is working to get together the financing and backing to start full production on a Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye) film in 2012. They unveiled their plans in Cologne Role Playing Convention with a 15-minute teaser, now available on the official website (German with no subtitles).

Das Schwarze Auge's official website did a short write-up on it (Google Translate).
For many friends of the Dark Eye, be it for the Pen and Paper players, LARPers or computer game fans, a dream may come true as early as 2012: the Dark Eye's first feature film. After making a short teaser available online, the production company KSM gave a world premiere at the RPG in Cologne of a 15-minute pre-production trailer.

At the end of the showing several hundred present fans responded with a thunderous applause and in the days following RPC it has been hotly debated on relevant forums. The remarkable thing about the teaser is that next to the professionalism with which it was produced (even though it is only giving a first impression for possible future financiers) to all those close to Aventuria. Magical simbols, emblems and even "old acquaintances" in the form of Heshtot-Demons are represented true to the lore and thus clear up many doubts amongst fans.
True to the lore? Professional production? It already sounds better than the treatment Dungeons & Dragons got in its movie adaptations.

Thanks Alrik Fassbauer.