Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview

GameSpy shares their own impressions of the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, with most of the details echoing much of what we've already been reading over the past week.
Naturally, the crap has to hit the proverbial fan sometime, as was the case when Adam was spotted silently taking out a guard patrolling a catwalk high above the factory floor. The developers took this chance to show off one of the game's high-tech weapons, which basically leads a running target by targeting the spot he'll be in when the bullet is fired. It seemed pretty cool, although not as much as the weapon that was unveiled after Adam escaped danger through some air ducts. Once he made it down to the lower level, Adam equipped a rifle that allowed him to arc bullets (complete with a visual trajectory) over cover and around obstacles. As a shooter fan, I'm always happy to see some creative weapons, and it looks like Deus Ex: Human Revolution has plenty of them.

While it definitely looks like Human Revolution will deliver a better experience than Invisible War did, the big question is whether or not the PC audience will embrace it. From what I could tell, the game features all of the bells and whistles that demographic wants and expects from a shooter, including highly customizable controls (complete with top-to-bottom button-mapping) and PC-specific features like a drag-and-drop inventory system (as opposed to the console version's clunky inventory interface). It's certainly clear that this will not just be a port of the Xbox 360 game. Finally, while I wasn't able to check it out, Deus Ex: Human Revolution also supports 3DHD technology and multiple monitors, as well as DirectX 11. Take that, Crysis 2!