Recycled Characters in BioWare Games

This is a regular criticism for BioWare titles, but it only seems to have occurred to this GamesRadar US recently, as Dragon Age II's release spurred the creation of an article on similar characters across both Dragon Ages, both Mass Effects, Jade Empire and Knights of the Old Republic.
The Awkward Hottie
Examples: Liara T'soni (Mass Effect), Merrill (Dragon Age 2), Mission Vao (KOTOR)

The Awkward Hottie is typically blue a naïve beauty who doesn't truly understand how harsh the world/universe can be. While she is most definitely an expert in whatever her occupation involves, whether it be studying the history of a long dead alien civilization or harnessing the power of Blood Magic for good, she turns into an absolute mess when placed in social settings and needs a big strong man (or woman) to lean on. Likewise, she's a very (glass half full) sort of person so she'll totally bang you if you pick all of the nice dialogue options.

The Aggressive Psychotic
Examples: Black Whirlwind (Jade Empire), Grunt (Mass Effect 2), Canderous Ordo (KOTOR)

The Aggressive Psychotic is truly a complicated sort. Born from a warrior culture, this guy lives for the fight. Might makes right, only the strong survive, et cetera so on and so forth. Engaging this character in any type of dialogue will always end with him inferring that you're a massively inadequate pussy. Likewise, he'll make it perfectly clear that if you ever get in his way, he will cut you. With his face.