Eschalon: Book II Review

The editors over at Gaming Irresponsibly have whipped up a favorable review of Eschalon: Book II, presumably with its The Secret of Fathamurk content included. Here's the conclusion that goes with their score of 8.5/10:
Overall, it's hard to be unimpressed with this game. It renders a beautiful role-playing experience, giving what's best of the old with what's good in the new. Non-linear gameplay is something I'm still a bit new to, so the fact that I could juggle three or four different quests in an old school format kept it compelling and certainly added to my overall playtime. If you feel like taking a little trip though time and playing the RPGs of old, this is your title. Naturally, there isn't much of a market for classic RPGs anymore, but Basilisk did a fine job at showing what was so great about it in the first place.