Mythos Review

Eurogamer has kicked up the first online review of Mythos, and it's pretty clear that they're not impressed with HanbitSoft and Frogster's "resurrection" of Flagship's original creation. Here's the conclusion that goes with their 4/10 score:
I've heard Eve Online's learning curve compared to an icy cliff before. Mythos is more like a frozen lake. It's almost supernaturally slippery, with nothing that might grip you and nothing that stands out. Its player-base just slides back and forth between town and dungeon portal, between dungeon portal and boss, between PC and toilet, collecting Strange Excrement and producing ordinary excrement, the towns always similar and the bosses always standing in the same place in the same square room, waiting patiently for a protracted fight and then death.

Wow, I'm depressing myself now. Imagine someone who commutes to an office, then comes home at the end of a long day, each of these days longer than the last, to travel back and forth between dungeons in Mythos, a game which shouldn't even exist, having been first killed off by cruel financial reality and then resurrected in the hope of a fast buck.

Mind you, the best thing about Mythos is that it is free, and you don't have to give them that fast buck. Then again, you'd probably get more hours of play out of a free trial for almost any other MMO and if you're willing to go as far as to spend money for your entertainment, then Torchlight II is only a couple of months away. Getting involved with this would probably be a mythtake.