Sacred 2 Community Patch v0120 Released

I didn't even realize that there was a huge unofficial patch for Sacred 2: Fallen Angel and its Europe-exclusive Ice & Blood expansion pack, but this forum post on and this page on the Sacred Wiki outlines the many fixes, tweaks, and full-on additions (new quests, items, and bosses) that the community-driven effort (currently at version 0120) includes within. The full notes, from the beginning:
>>>>>>>>>>>> Patchnotes CM-Patch v0120 (Easter Release 2011) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Unfortunately we did not manage to complete as much as we wanted. We encountered some troubles that most likely will still keep us busy for some time, but we did not want to keep you from getting this small easter present.


    '¢ Removed the mysterious Respawn-Stone from the northeast swamp coast. (No function)
    '¢ Lots of misspellings corrected.


    '¢ Fixed a minor problem which caused some textures to glow intensely.
    '¢ Dryads Barkskin Buff was improved optically. (removed the fly-shit syndrome)
    '¢ The Sopor Aethernis Set got some additional graphic tidbits.

Enemies and Bosses

    '¢ Champion skeleton mages of the Undead Legion now give more EXP than normal ones.
    '¢ The spirit of last years xmas earned a prolonged regtime on his summoning spell for his continued bad behaviour.

Sets and Items

    '¢ The shoulders of the lordaeron set now drop as often as the rest.
    '¢ Fixed a bonus on the sword of the virtues of the seraphim set that caused the sockets to randomize.
    '¢ The Belt of T-energy now correctly grants a bonus on t-energy lore instead of technics lore.
    '¢ The famous Garnments of Mutation can now be found a little more often.
    '¢ Implemented a new legendary 2H sword (SW).


    '¢ Temple guardians now have access to ancient magic.


    '¢ Timed Killquests "Hunting Fever" and "Master of Hunting" series - Timer moved from quest to script
    '¢ Player will be cheered during these timed quests.
    '¢ Heavy overhaul of the new and many old quests because of savegame problems.
    '¢ Oculus Mechanicus - Jana in Thylysium is no longer a valid target of the quest.
    '¢ Past Mistakes - Player will be teleported back after accomplishing the quest.
    '¢ DeMordreys guards become normal soldiers after the player once killed DeMordrey.
    '¢ Books of the Gods - Descriptions of appearances match the statues.

>>>>>>>>>>>> Patchnotes CM-Patch v0110 (Spring Release 2011)<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


    '¢ Additional debug Log errors were fixed. (Missing/wrong equipslots of NPCs)
    '¢ Corrected numerous typos, missing text and missing sense in many quests.
    '¢ The last part of the crystal plains does no longer play XMAS music.
    '¢ All the special mounts from Fallen Angel and Ice & Blood are now available at vendors.


    '¢ All ingame textures were reviewed in respect to filesize and compression faults. (Loadtimes, maybe memoryleaks)
    '¢ Faulty display of custom skincolour with a certain type of seraphim helmet was fixed.
    '¢ TGs Combat Alert FX effect of some enemies was exchanged for a more graphics performance friendly version.

Enemies and Bosses

    '¢ Abishai was weakened a little bit.
    '¢ Bodily undead (except skeletons) no longer explode when they are killed, leaving bodies behind.


    '¢ Dragon Mage: Dragon Berserk and Dragon Form have been pimped to be somewhat playable and useful.

Sets and Items

    '¢ We introduced new sets for all classes. :)
    '¢ The Dragon Mage got his own bunnyears and fools hat.

Improved playability, course of events and procedure for various quests:

    '¢ Dark Rituals - Level adjusted
    '¢ Easter Eggs - is now back again... :)
    '¢ Cut off - fixed a dialogue.
    '¢ Heroic Deeds - lingering questmarker erased.
    '¢ Dream Vampire - Rewarddrop is now collectable.
    '¢ XMAS & Northland Expedition - fixed the missing hydra.
    '¢ Elixir of Visions - lingering questmarker erased.
    '¢ Holdup - improved chain of events.
    '¢ Michel, the Blacksmiths apprentice - Position collision of 2 NPCs fixed.
    '¢ Clearing Ship - Hostages are cleared from ship after completion.
    '¢ Escaping the Terror - Milk Weed is removed after completion.
    '¢ Orpheus - Mary Ann now behaves correctly.
    '¢ Manners Maketh Kobold - Orcs removed after completion.
    '¢ A Simple Case of Nerves - Available in Multiplayer.

Logbook simplified for:

    '¢ Fortress of the Dead (removed from the logbook)
    '¢ Threat from the west
    '¢ Sheik Yerbouti (removed from the logbook)
    '¢ Just a fool
    '¢ Soldiers from the past
    '¢ Blinded
    '¢ Days Gone By

New Quest:
Ancient Secrets

The Impostor:

    '¢ Logbook - moved to chapter 8.
    '¢ Reward - you get the epic drop from the seraphim.
    '¢ Declinability - you can decline the start of the quest.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Patchnotes CM-Patch v0100 (XMAS Again)<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


    '¢ Fixed additional Debug Log Errors. (NXActor Colprim Errors)
    '¢ Corrected many typos and added missing text where necessary.


    '¢ The Inquisitors 1H-Idleanimation has been fixed to stop "skipping".

Enemies and Bosses

    '¢ New Boss: Gartor the Onyx-Spiketurtle. (Find the biggest star where glass does walk, from there go west and seek a dark place...)
    '¢ Spiderqueen Failitia got her very own questseries.

Sets and Items

    '¢ Implemented a new Book: A Northland Tale.
    '¢ Epic and Unique Items of earlier CM-Versions are now properly named. (Food for the Wiki!)
    '¢ Added two new easteregg Items. (Have a happy search & find.)
    '¢ We added two new Seraphim, one Highelve and one XMAS Set for the DM. (More Wiki pages to fill, yay!)
    '¢ Scythes can now be found.
    '¢ The rare Seraphim Shield (former grey one) got a more fitting bonus.


    '¢ In general many quests have been optimized again in playability and logbook appearance.

New Quests:

    '¢ The water-shy dog
    '¢ The Impostor (Failitia)
    '¢ Faust


    '¢ "Bandits" now has two alternative endings
    '¢ "Tutorial Relics" Questlogic corrected


    '¢ Removed sub-captions for chainquests
    '¢ Added Hintgivers: "VIPs in Ancaria"
    '¢ Blind-Guardian-Quest has been grouped with the Fans
    '¢ Tutorials grouped: "A Hitchhikers Guide to Ancaria"
    '¢ Empty-Office-Megaquest: DEVs already reached are displayed.
    '¢ Hunting-Fever-Quests (I + II + III) grouped
    '¢ XMAS-Kobold got his own quest "Christmas delayed" (reduce confusion on how to find the questseries' start)
    '¢ Easterbunny got his own quest "Easter has come" (dito)

>>>>>>>>>>>>Patchnotes CM-Patch v0094<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


    '¢ Implemented a Hotfix for accidentally lost Magic-Hiding-Places, Effects and Sounds in v0090.
    '¢ Preparation for ingame text editing of many localizations.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Patchnotes CM-Patch v0090<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


    '¢ Arkenmarks Refuge: The Dungeon can now be played.
    '¢ Transparent console with new textcolor and backround.
    '¢ The Mage from Northland Expedition is set to a new position.
    '¢ The SW Special-Mounts have been color coded again to their respective aspects.
    '¢ Removed several unused creatures and quests.
    '¢ Fixed a possible reason for one-hit-deaths between 2nd and 4th soulstone in crystal plains.
    '¢ The console logo now shows the CM-Patch version.
    '¢ The frame showing skill-mastery has been made more visible.
    '¢ Implemented various improvements to get a clearer debug.log.


    '¢ Wrong Seraphim and Dragonmage animations when equipped with 2H-Swords were corrected.
    '¢ Fistweapons: Got fitted animations through new subfamilies. Work on original martial arts animations in progress.
    '¢ Reactivated death animations of all bosses.

Enemies and Bosses

    '¢ Gar'Colossus: Has recieved a makeover...
    '¢ Swirling mist of Miasma: See above. Should be a new feeling...
    '¢ Demons: Fixed the One-Hit-Death problem in the Desert.
    '¢ Walther (XMAS): Can hit you now.
    '¢ A "non-crystal Crystalbear" in the Quest "Challenge" has been adapted to its environments.
    '¢ Scarabs now have correct Attack and Defense values.
    '¢ Elite-Coboldarchers give now correct EXP.
    '¢ Removed some lost enemies in remote inaccessible regions.
    '¢ Endboss (Harbinger of Death) in Quest "Lost Crypt" has been weakened.
    '¢ The problem of "immobilized" PCs when fighting Octalogamus, Gar'Colossus, Khral, The white Griffon, Carnach and some other enemies has been fixed.
    '¢ Crystal-Traps in Crystalregion now give correct EXP.
    '¢ Implemented a new Boss: Failitia the Spiderqueen.
    '¢ Damage of Poison Trap spell has been altered to DOT. (This schould prevent One-Hits with the lord of poison, as well as some issues with low-lvl PCs at the start of the game.)
    '¢ Reduced the teleport range of the undead general, to prevent him from kicking himself off the worldmap. (Please check if he still disappears.)
    '¢ The decorative destructable Crystals (except the smallest) in the Crystalregion got a kind of self-defence, now that they grant EXP.
    '¢ Did some modifications to the spell most likely causing the "strange mass healing effect" sometimes experienced in blood forest and beyond. (Please do test thoroughly if it occurs still.)


    '¢ Seraphim: Instilled Belief "Elocution" Mod: Chance to convert now correctly doubles the base chance value and does not set it to 100%.
    '¢ Templeguardian: Archimedesbeam now does Firedamage again and is no longer restricted in its range.
    '¢ Inquisitor: Levin Array: Reduced the range by a very small amount to prevent casting on enemies beyond reach.
    '¢ High Elf: The duration of "Raging Nimbus" now increases with CC level.
    '¢ Dryad: The base damage of "Tangled Vine" has been increased slightly. In return "Goldenglade Touch" has been slightly weakened.
    '¢ Dryad: A faulty modifier of "Envenom"-Mod in "Ravaged Impact" has been corrected. (It caused Weapons to only distribute poison damage.)
    '¢ Fixed an exploit with Dryad and Dragonmage.

Sets and Items


    '¢ The Unlock-Code Items now drop regularly.
    '¢ Non-readable Books and Scrolls can no longer drop.
    '¢ Strange Amulets and Rings that were for SW only, can now be used by everyone again.
    '¢ A grey shield (Seraphim) has been made into a rare one. The design fits wonderfully to the Endijians Set.
    '¢ Implemented Fistweapons, Throwing Potions and Recurve Bows.
    '¢ Introduced some new Maces. (One is nicely animated.)
    '¢ TG Miniset XTM-2174: Inventorysize of the chest is now correct.
    '¢ The DM Aspects have been included into random bonuslists for Items (this has obviously been forgotten).
    '¢ Big and Strong Healingpotions are now available at the stores. They heal and stack correctly now.
    '¢ Shields are a bit rarer now at the stores, but appear in higher quality.
    '¢ The defense bonus of Endijians Wings (Sera) is now correctly based on armor lore instead of shield lore.
    '¢ Fixed wrong dropchances of some set items.
    '¢ All possible variants of shrinkheads can now be aquired ingame.
    '¢ Swapped wrong aspectboni on two items of inquisitor sets. (Sarakis and Deylens)
    '¢ Fixed a problem with a 2H-Staff being unable to be used by anyone.
    '¢ Kuans Plate and Shoulders of Anguish have been added to proper droplists, where missing.
    '¢ Lightsabers got their own soundprofile, naming and are based on willpower now. Random golden lightsabers can be dropped by bosses now.
    '¢ Revision of Swords and Sabers: Those smaller than 3 inventory slots are uniformously based on dexterity, bigger ones on strength.
    '¢ Katanas are now based on dexterity and are named Katana, Yuudai and Kitari.
    '¢ Fistweapons with long blades are now based on dexterity.

The following (complete!) minisets can now be found: + Kira's Protection + Bergonix' Judge + Bratgrimace's Legacy + Black Death

Added missing setboni to: + Black Death + Kira's Protection + Equilibrium + Denderan's Tactical Genius + Adornments of the Ancestors

New Items: Armor: + Floppy Hat for Dryad (Helmet Unique)

Jewellery: + Signet of the Apocalypse (Unique) Ring + Gomil's Gold Pouch (Unique) Amulet + Star of Silithar (Amulet) + Arnum's Signet (Ring) + Krahl's Ring (Ring) + Charo's Brilliance (Ring) + Charo's Sparkle (Ring) + Shadow of Urtak (Ring) + Star of Illumination (Ring)

Weapons: + Tiddlywink (Unique) + Bugslayer (Unique) + Hammer of the Righteous (Unique) + Mountain Breaker (Unique) + Sand Eagle (Unique)

Sets: + Kendrics Archon (TG) + Pandamoniums Pride (SK) + Centurio's Insignia (SK) + Kanka's Relics (SK) + Equilibrium (general new miniset)]



    '¢ Charquests are named as Classquests and appear on the corresponding page of the log.
    '¢ "Northland Expedition" is listed on the log page for the human region.
    '¢ All quests involving companions have been optimized.
    '¢ Killquests with timer will show 0 targets after a save and load.
    '¢ Questscripts have been optimized in general. (Removal of unused functions and calls, etc.)
    '¢ Removed unused quests and backdoors.
    '¢ Relocated the TG Classquest report hologram in Failitias dungeon.

New Quests

    '¢ Christmas Island (XMAS Reloaded)
    '¢ Cut off + Talisman / A last plead
    '¢ The Landlord
    '¢ Rathunt
    '¢ A question of nerves
    '¢ Hunting fever
    '¢ Heroic (Shadow version of Family Graves)
    '¢ Back to the front (Prequest to "Undead Legion")

Revised Quests:


    '¢ The mainquest has been revised slightly. The rock blocking the path at octalogamus' now vanishes correctly.
    '¢ Log of the startingquests has been cleansed of movies and some unnecessary parts.

Also 87 other quests have been revised and optimized so far. I would mention them all here, but I have no idea what they are called in the english localization.
You can also nab the latest version of the patch on AtomicGamer, if you're having trouble grabbing it from the forum link.