Unconfirmed: Dragon Age III in Development, Includes Multiplayer

CVG is reporting by way of the Official PlayStation Magazine that Dragon Age III is currently in production, and that it contains "an added multiplayer component". File this one under "completely unsubstantiated", of course:
The rumor comes from the 'Inside whispers' section of the latest issue of OPM, which says: "More elf sexy time! Dragon Age 3 is on the way, with an added multiplayer component".


However, the idea of multiplayer in the next Dragon Age is treading new ground for the series and BioWare as a developer. Both the Mass Effect series and Dragon Age have not yet had any sort of multiplayer, but the studio has expressed an interest in incorporating multiplayer in the future BioWare titles.

Co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka has said how "proud" the studio is of latest title, Dragon Age 2.
If they return to a more traditional RPG design with the third installment, then the addition of co-op (as it existed in Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2) could be pretty entertaining.