Basilisk Games Developing a Sci-Fi RPG

A quick project update on the official Basilisk Games website confirms that the indie developer is in the preliminary stages of developing a sci-fi RPG that may or may not wind up being their next project following the conclusion of their Eschalon trilogy. Whether it is or isn't, an announcement is apparently coming down the pipeline soon:
Book III remains officially unannounced, but we are certainly hard at work on it. For the final game in the trilogy, the size of the team has grown and we are giddy with excitement to show you what we are working on! However, don't expect to hear much more or see any screenshots until we make an formal announcement later this summer. As for a release date, it's definitely not going to be this year, so let's just go with (when it's done.)

There are always other projects simmering here at the studio, and we hope to make an announcement regarding our first post-Eschalon project soon. Many of you have heard rumors that we have been working on a Sci-Fi based RPG for quite some time, and that is true, though we are not prepared just yet to say that is what's coming next. Just keep an eye on our forums, Twitter feed or Facebook page because those are the places we tend to (slip) information about what projects we playing around with day-to-day.