Hunted: The Demon's Forge Preview

inXile Entertainment's Hunted: The Demon's Forge has once again been given the preview treatment, and this time it's OXM UK doling out the information.
Despite having elements of fantasy RPG and dungeon crawler, Hunted is best described as a third-person action game. Elisa's bow handles similarly to a gun, and Caddoc's sword is a simple melee damage-dealer. Creatures and chests do drop random loot, but there are nothing as traditionally RPG as shops or inventories. If you want the new weapon, you'll have to drop your old one.

When Seraphine - she's that seductive dancing demon whose bosom we were presented with a few moments ago - leaves Caddoc's dreams and enters the real world, she has a simple request: touch the Deathstone that sits on the pedestal in front of them. "Touch the Deathstone?" asks a suspicious Caddoc. "The stone of death? With the dead body next to it?"

It's great to play a fantasy game with natural dialogue, and a storyline that doesn't involve apocalypse and destiny. The Human Warrior and the Elven Hunter's quest isn't a divine mission to save the world - they want money.