SOE Layoffs Won't Affect EverQuest's Future

In a newly penned producer letter, EverQuest's Thom Terrazas explains how the future of their longest-running MMORPG won't be compromised by the recent pink-slipping of over 200 employees. Through the end of this year, anyway:
Greetings all!

It goes without saying that the SOE family felt a huge loss this past week with many of our friends losing their jobs. Alexander Graham Bell said that, "When one door closes, another opens .", and we all wish these fine folks the best of luck and success in the future. and many large open doors.

Whenever there is a big change like this, uncertainty fills the air and many of you are probably wondering how EverQuest will be affected and what you can expect going forward. If not, then I'm way off base with this response. :)

Well, here's the answer to that general uncertainty just in case you are wondering: we're going to bring you high level and enjoyable content throughout the year, even more than we have in past years.

We have a bevy of past content that we enable each year, making tweaks and modifications to keep them fresh. We've received consistently good feedback on these efforts. However, we will also build upon it with new content all throughout the year. For example, we have added some new events that are running right now in conjunction with the spirit of April Fool's. I never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but "Go see Bobo in the Plane of Knowledge" to experience some shenanigans! Now, you may have seen one Bobo but you haven't seen them all - Gleemaker is his last name, in case you happen to know a lot of Bobos.

In reviewing our accomplishments over the past couple of years, we've noticed some content voids in the spring and summer months that needed filling. One of the bigger goals we set for ourselves this year was to deliver more content and to "beef-up" the game play experience during this time frame. We want to give you more events and more enjoyment with them.

By the way, it's nice to see so many of you fighting me for spawns on Vulak the past couple of weeks. Just talking and listening to you in game lately has been fun - many of you have come back just to play on the progression servers, which is pretty awesome! Just let me have a kill once in a while, will ya?? :)


It's what we're doing for you in 2011! We think you'll be very happy with what we have in store!

Best regards,

Thom Terrazas
on behalf of the EverQuest Team