Don Daglow Returns to the Video Game Industry

After taking some time off following the closure of Stormfront Studios, it appears that industry veteran Don Daglow will be walking a similar path as Richard Garriott, Robert Sirotek, Tom Hall, Brenda Brathwaite, and other long-time RPG developers by moving into social and mobile game development.
Don Daglow, the tenacious game exec thought to be the only man who's released games across all console generations, has opened a new mobile and social games studio.

(Our first title is an original Facebook game based on a top-tier license with a major high-profile publisher that has huge marketing power,) Daglow said on his personal blog.

(We're funded, and we started recruiting this week. Later this year we'll be expanding our focus to other major online, portable and mobile platforms.(

The new studio, named Daglow Entertainment, is based out in Sausalito, California.
While I wish the guy luck, this is a trend I'd like to see less of.