Zynga Acquires Floodgate Entertainment

According to this blog entry, social game developer Zynga has acquired Boston-based Floodgate Entertainment. Why is this RPG-related? Well, you might recall that Floodgate was responsible for developing, co-developing, or contributing in some way to Neverwinter Nights expansions Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark, and Kingmaker, as well as Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. On top of that, founder Paul Neurath is something of a video game development veteran, having played a significant role with the creation of Looking Glass Studios and the creation of Thief and System Shock. Anyway:
We are delighted to announce that the team from independent game developer Floodgate Entertainment is joining the Zynga family today, bringing a wealth of experience in developing big brand mobile titles that have won awards and commercial success across casual, mobile and PC platforms. The newest team members from Floodgate will join our growing Zynga Boston office.

This addition showcases our commitment to working with top-notch talent that shares our passion for building innovative and fun social games. Industry veteran and Floodgate founder Paul Neurath will join Zynga Boston as Creative Director. Paul brings over two decades of experience in game development to Zynga and is responsible for a number of acclaimed titles. In 1990 Paul founded Blue Sky Productions, which became LookingGlass in 1992.

We're continuing to grow, in Boston and beyond, and that means we need more great minds to join our team! If you're interested in joining a smart, creative company with a passion for taking on new challenges (in Boston, or in one of our other offices across the globe), visit here for a list of opportunities.
Does this mean that Zynga is looking to expand into the role-playing sector? Maybe.