Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition Released

The long-awaited overhaul patch for the Forsaken Gods expansion of Gothic 3 has been released. We're awaiting patch links but in the meantime the upgraded expansion is available on Steam. Patch notes are available on the Mad Vulture website, and it makes for a hefty read.
Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods
Patch v2.0 by Community Patch Team
March 2011

"+": Added feature or improvement.
"-": Bug fix, change or removal.

- Forsaken Gods starts only once at the same time.
- It's not possible to start a new game when there's already a game running.
+ Unintended start of a new game prevented by implementing a confirmation window.
+ Check of the minimum system requirements (shader version and size of the memory) - when the PC system doesn't satisfy the minimum requirements, the game will instantly cancel with an error message.
+ fmodex updated to newer version.
+ Update to newer DirectX 9.0c version.
+ Automatic installation of DirectX 9.0c runtimes - if it hasn't been installed yet.
+ Packed file buffer size improved.
+ Performance improvements.
- Error in vegetation caching corrected.
- Bug corrected where audio system always cached out sound even if property said "no".
- Overlapping data removed from statistics screen (CTRL+S).
- Menu bar in marvin mode is available again.
- Mouse pointer in marvin mode can be moved under Vista 64.
- CheckBox operations corrected.
- Bug in keyboard focus after using a menu resolved.
- Resource cache can't be changed manually anymore, but will be calculated automatically instead.
+ Autodetection of adequate graphic settings improved.
+ At the first start of the game the current desktop screen resolution will be used.
+ Display aspect ratio limitation removed.
+ Display refresh rate limitation removed.
- Changing the "Object details" slider in the menu does not lead to reanimation of the hero anymore.
+ Text language adjustable via audio menu.
+ Version number in main menu moved to a less distracting place.
- The loading screen doesn't flicker anymore.
- Corrected loading behaviour after starting a new game.
- Game doesn't start while the loading screen is still visible.
+ VSync can be (de-)activated via the video menu. (Only works when VSync is selected as "controlled by application" in the driver's menu.)
- VSync does not slow down the loading of savegames anymore.
- Ingame window for scroll texts broadened.
- Creation of mini dumps for crashes disabled by default.
+ Guru log expanded with more information about the memory.
- Guru logs will be saved in the savegame folder, not the Forsaken Gods installation folder.
- Guru resolved which appeared when the hero was hit by a ranged weapon while transforming back to human shape.
- Guru when rendering CubeMaps resolved.
- Guru resolved which appeared when the hero casted "Telekinesis" on an item and somebody else wanted to pick it up at the same time.
- Guru resolved that could appear when starting a "Bring NPC quest".
- Guru resolved that could appear when the player moved particularly quick through the Forsaken Gods world.
- The Guru that could appear after connecting another monitor to the PC is now a regular windows crash ("Could not create singleton").
- Error in calculation of the ingame-time resolved (some corpses were not unspawned, trader inventories were not refreshed).
- Timestamp bug resolved (example: NPCs could burn or be poisoned/frozen forever).
- Problem resolved that made if difficult for the hero to bring certain objects in focus (e.g. the chest on the tower in Ardea)
- Redundant entries removed from ge3.ini.
+ Parameter "Render.DisableFocusNames" in ge3.ini now also disables all scroll message texts.
+ The ingame font art can now be set in the ge3.ini.
- Small change for font issue.
- No "red textures" anymore on graphic cards with shader 2.0a or 2.0b. (But red textures remain with shader 2.0 only cards like Radeon 9500
+ Dynamic shader caching to reduce stuttering.
+ World streaming routines taken over from Gothic 3 in version CP 1.74.
- Invisible NPCs who were only used to spawn certain enemies have been replaced by more adequate objects.
+ Subtitles will be displayed if a soundfile is missing, even if subtitles have been deactivated in the ingame options.
- Several hundred unnecessary templates deleted.
- Several missing templates created anew.
- Revolution mechanics from Gothic 3 removed (liberations were not intended in Forsaken Gods).
- Removed parameter "PoliticalSuccessAmount" from quest files.

+ To reduce errors when loading and saving savegames, the game will check if enough memory is available. Otherwise loading/saving will be refused.
+ To reduce savegame errors, a temporary savegame is used to save the data, and then the chosen savegame will be overwritten.
+ The savegame number is displayed in the load and save menu.
- Exploit by quicksave while reading a stone tablet resolved.
- Defective savegames with a size of 0 Byte can't be loaded.
- Quickload key deactivated while talking to or trading with a NPC.

- Shadow issue fixed that occured on Radeon 4000 graphic cards and above.
- Shadow problem at ambience mushrooms on 7xxx nVidia graphics cards fixed.
- Problem when casting shadows (e.g. on hills) toned down.
- Terrain shadows on faraway trees corrected.
+ Improved shadow quality (shader 3.0 only).
+ Dynamic shadows now fade out by distance.
+ Self shadowing added to light calculation (shader 3.0 only).
- Bug in water reflection in shader 1.4 solved.
- Anisotropic filter corrected.
+ Lensflare effekt can be switched off.
- Fire effects of fireballs exchanged for performance reasons.
- Fireballs don't illuminate their surroundings.
- Movement of leafs and branches corrected.
+ Longleaf pine trees made slightly bushier.
+ New setting "Very High" for object details.
+ New setting "Very High" in "Details" root menu.
+ Slider for vegetation view range implemented.
- Vegetation can also be switched on if the game was started with vegetation switched off.
- Several errors in the lighting of vegetation resolved.
+ Vegetation can now receive dynamic shadows (only when shadow quality is set to "very high").
+ Edge of shore is less grainy, and color of water has been changed.
+ New option "softer water" (only with Shader 3.0 and higher).
+ Chromatic dispersion added to water (only with Shader 3.0 and higher).
- When a weapon hits water, the water waves won't hover diagonally in the air.
+ Grass reacts to the hero's steps.
- Modified gras texture to lessen the flicker effect.
- Eliminated unaesthetic seams at the backside of some NPC's heads and necks.
- Garik's hair is now correctly aligned on his head.
- Numerous holes between the head and the body of various NPCs have been mostly closed.
- Wargs now have black fur and a different eye color.
- Seagull textures corrected.
- Reduced graphical glitches on the "Ancient Beast".
- Wine bottles are red instead of green now.
- The "Potion against diseases" comes now in a grey blue bottle.
- Some missing normal maps added.
- Missing specular maps of axes added.
- Numerous materials corrected, improved or added.
- Numerous textures corrected, improved or added.
- Improved texture placement on numerous models.
- New pictures in main menus.
+ Improved the graphical user interface (GUI).
- Missing separation bar added to skill menu.
- Fixed graphics glitch in trading menu.
+ All icons have been worked over.
- Readability of NPC names etc. improved.
+ Improved Bloom/HDR.
+ Rim lighting integrated in Shader 3.0.
+ Depth of field effect with Shader 3.0 improved.
+ Depth of field performance with Shader 2.0 improved.
+ Heat haze.
+ Soft particles.
+ Specular light improved (Shader 3.0 only).
+ Screen noise (optional).
- Hardware anti-aliasing removed.
+ Edge Smoothing implemented for Shader 2.0 and higher.
+ Improved many shaders.
- Fixed lightning exploit when using animal tranformation scrolls.
+ Leaf subsurface scattering (only with activated Rim Lighting and Shader 3.0).
- One has a slightly better vision during fog.
- Fog is no longer calculated cubical, but globular around the hero.
+ Visual feedback when the hero ist poisoned or has low life energy (optional).

+ Fire crackle turned audible again.
- Noise level slightly reduced for burning NPCs, transformations, drinking, taking antidote, teleporing, levelup and clicking on empty slots of the inventory. Also for the 'Ouch'
-ing of the hero when he is wounded.
+ Opening a door now makes a sound.
+ Sound when drawing melee weapons included.
+ Baskets make another sound than chests.
+ When blessing a weapon, the designated sound is played.
+ Rain and wind can be heard.
+ The waterfalls now have sound.
- Implemented Goblin sounds from Gothic 2.
- Erhang, Rudolph, Soma, Steiner, Tabor, Urbanus, Viet, and an Orc Shaman now have orcish voices in the english and polish speech version, too.
- Troglodytes and the "Ancient Beast" do not make any further sound once they are dead.
- When returning to the main menu, the music won't change anymore.
- Problem resolved where some sounds became unhearable after changing the volume slider for effects and opening an ingame menu.

- When the hero loses a fight, he will drop the items from his hands. So there won't be any situations anymore where he still stands upright while actually being unconscious.
- If the hero holds a staff in his left hand and takes (e.g.) his bow while running, the hero won't slide over the ground anymore.
- The running animation doesn't stop when the hero takes out or puts away a torch.
- When the hero is transformed to a meatbug, he will now be animated.
- Running animations of female NPCs fixed.
- Numerous NPCs now carry their weapons correctly, e.g. Kan and the troglodytes.
- Number of situations reduced in which NPCs slide over the ground when they draw or put away their weapon.
- Strafing speed of ogres and goblins has been adjusted.
- Wolves, jackals and wargs run a little bit faster now.
- Animation of troglodytes, gargoyles and swamp lurkers improved.
- Animals and monsters collapse, too, when the hero "assassinates" them.
- The hero also tumbles while being hit when he only carries just a torch or staff in his left hand.
- Eliminated some redundant movements at the beginning of the animations for barbecuing, digging, and forging.
- When orcs drink from a bottle while sitting, the correct animations will be played.
- NPCs look towards their target while cocking their ranged weapon, instead of aiming for the ground.
- The hero doesn't lie too deep in the water anymore while swimming.
- Human NPCs now perform the adequate animations at alchemist benches.
- Animations of the "Crazy Birdman" have been fixed.
- Attached the chain on Kan's armor to his chest plate.
- Dylan's face does not flicker through his face while talking anymore.
- Ogit moves his lips while talking.
- The player's hair does not flicker through the helmet of "Rhobar's Armor" anymore.
- Clipping of shields equipped to "Rhobar's Armor" heavily reduced.
- Clipping of shields that are worn on the arm reduced.
- Reduced clipping of weapons on the back of the hero's standard armor.
- Decreased clipping of the Dark Mage's robe.

+ Several missing speech outputs added, mainly in German.
- Due to missing speech outputs, several dialogs have been redesigned as good as the existing material allowed.
- Some dialogs deleted due to missing speech output, e.g. with Drud, Tabor, Thorus and Cornelius.
- Some dialog lines have been delegated to other NPCs because they were recorded by other voice artist.
+ Some short dialogs (re)activated, e.g. with Khalil and some NPCs in Gotha.
- The hero won't automatically talk to Ekhad and several other NPCs anymore.
- NPCs don't approach the hero anymore when actually he should approach them.
- It's not possible anymore to select the lines of NPCs (e.g. Ritt's, Tabor's, or Yohann's) in the dialog menu.
- The hero doesn't say the lines of NPCs and vice versa.
- Several unlogical statements corrected, e.g. when talking with Kan.
- NPCs like Dylan, Anton, Lennard, Raik, Linkhart, Ian, and others won't end the conversation so often now if there are still other topics to talk about.
- Bug in forced dialog aborts fixed.
- Bug in refusal dialogs fixed.
- Dialog repetitions during several conversations deleted.
- Wrong (duplicate) German voiceover of Brennus corrected.
- When Kan rejects Gabriel's gold by saying "Take it away! I don't want it!", he now actually gives it back to the hero.
- The hero hands out five portions of fried meat to Jenell as demanded instead of one portion of raw meat. Accordingly, Kendl will hand out five portions of fried meat to the hero.
+ Garik and the masters of the arenas of Silden, Geldern, and Trelis will give at least a short comment now while handing over the reward for the last arena fight.
- Dialog logic of the arena combatants in Silden, Geldern, and Trelis corrected.
- Dialog order with Garik corrected.
+ Dialog with Milten after the summoner's death improved.
- Revised dialogs of the quest "Imprisoned".
- Several problems in dialogs with Boris have been corrected.
- Some dialogs with Inog have been ordered.
- Inadequate cavilling of Oelk during the birdman quest corrected.
- Some of Ignatuis' lines during the quest "Collect the Gatekeeper tax" deleted because they refer to a completely different progression of events.
- Dialogs with Segfried, Sindri, Conz, and Hildur redesigned.
- It's possible to report Barnabas about Antons amnesia without having to talk to Anton again after using the magic spell on him.
- The hero can't ask Marc about Lee while Marc is still "sick".
- Osch won't call the Cor Kalom chalice a "cauldron" anymore.
- Dylan will join Hamlar's carawan to Silden. After that, the hero can talk about Dylan to the thief of Faring.
- The hero can't talk about Hubterus to the thief of Faring while he escorts Hubertus's wife from Vengard to Faring or back.
- The hero has to talk to Kazus, too (in addition to Khadim, Khalil), before he can talk about Faring's traders to the thief of Faring.
- Before the hero can talk about Hamlar to the thief of Faring, he actually has to have met Hamlar.
- Dialog options have been shortened if they were to long for the dialog menu.
- The dialog option "There you are. Five letters of recommendation. Do I have your trust now?" with Anog doesn't appear twice in the dialog menu.
+ Storyhelper (sh) has some story related dialog options.
- Different speech for Steiner.
- At the end of the game, the hero won't repeat the sentences that will be heard during the following video anyway.
+ Humans and orcs now say a short comment again after the hero told them: "Go back now!".
- Inappropriate comments of friendly NPCs about the hero's victories corrcted.
- Missing voices added to some NPCs.
+ Subtitles are available now when the hero reads out what he finds at book shelves and stone tablets.
- Added lip synchronisation files to all speech outputs.
- NPCs don't start to talk to the hero while he is jumping.
- Info files removed that have never been available in the game anyway.
- Info files partially standardized, several superfluous entries discarded.
- Info files expanded: CondHasSkill, CondPlayerKnowsNot, CondWearsItem, CondPlayerParty, InfoScript command "Erase", recognition of CondItemAmounts=0.

- The end of the game won't be triggered in a dialog with Gorn anymore. Instead, the hero has to take place on the throne of Vengard.
- The quest "Rescue Three Paladin from Kapdun" has been deleted, because it was nearly a copy of the quest "Theodor wants the scouts brought back to Vangard peacefully without the use of force".
- The quest "Kill Gorn and Thorus" has been deleted, because it ended the main story line.
+ New quest "The invocation of the beast" added to solve problems with the quest "The summoner must die".
+ New quest "A mighty sword" added.
+ Most of the quest names and descriptions were changed.
+ Revised kind and amount of attribute bonuses for solving quests.
+ Changed gold rewards for a few quests.
+ Quests where the hero has to kill somebody can't be completed successfully anymore if the quest giver dies. Example: The quests "Save orcs from Paladins" etc. will fail if Olis dies.
- Bug resolved where spell
-related quests couldn't be solved if the hero used up the last scroll.
- Spell
-related quests can now only be solved after the hero was actually told to use this spell.
- The quest "Urbanus needs Kan's permission" will still be solvable after bringing Morg to Urbanus.
+ Quests where the hero has to follow NPCs can be reactivated after the hero followed another NPC.
- If the quest "Anog and the 5 letters of recommendation" has been solved, it's impossible to activate previously unstarted subquests of Anton, Boris, Cornelius, Jurgen, and Oelk.
- Problem in the calculation of the needed amount of gold for the quests "Errol wants to see money" and "Buy your freedom from Ignatius" removed.
- The NPC "Father" in Geldern also hands out a reward if the hero already defeated the four mine worker before the father asked him to do so.
- Jurgen will also give his reward for the quest "Kill Tahbert's cows" if the cows have already been killed before Jurgen told the hero to do so.
- It's not necessary to kill ten of Tahbert's cows for the quest; seven are enough.
+ The hero won't receive duplicates of Garik's sword and a Nordmarian armor from Soma, but instead ne, unique items.
+ When Osch sends the hero to Kosar, he'll give him a box with goods instead of several single items.
+ Martel's reward for the quest "Martel's orc problem" depends on the hero's bow skills.
- Solviq hands over the "Amulet of the elements" as a quest reward now instead of the old amulet.
- Ignatius hands out the mentioned mana potions to the hero after the quest "Mana plants for Ignatius".
- Ignatius hands out the mentioned health potions to the hero instead of health plants after the quest "Health plants for Ignatius".
- Cornelius hands out potions (instead of gold) as promised for the firenettles.
- Conz hands out the healing potions he mentions as reward for "Take care of Asdis".
- If the hero wins against the fourth recruit in the arena near Gotha, Garik will give him the same reward as for the other training fights.
- The hero hands over the items Cor Kalom, Cornelius' recipe, Kazus' key, Khadims key, Khaifs key, Khalifs key und Khalils key only once to the quest giver.
- To solve the quest "[Bring Theodor die Artefakte aus Ardea]", the hero also needs Segfried's necklace.
+ After Anton's death the hero can collect Anton's taxes from Isabelle.
- Before the hero can give Anog the taxes, he has to collect them first.
- Sequence of events during the quest "Imprisoned" corrected.
- You'll need to kill Asdis now during the quest "Take care of Asdis", knocking him down is not sufficient anymore.
- Segfrieds quest will not be solved by simply taming a wolf. Instead, the hero has to deliver the wolf to Segfried.
- The quest "Segfried needs a tame wolf" will not be blocked or cancelled if the hero kills a wolf.
+ The hero will now certainly find a living wolf somewhere near Ardea if he agrees to tame a wolf for Segfried.
- The quest "Talk to the watermage" will be solved now if the hero actually talks to the watermage and not if Kan dies.
- The quest "Theodor's scout force must come back" will now be solved when talking to Theodor instead of talking with one of the scouts.
- To get the five undigested fire nettles for Egidius, the hero has to kill five Troglodytes now.
- The "undigested fire nettles" for Cornelius can only be found inside the five scavengers that are spawned for the particular quest.
- The hero has to actually lose against Corrado in battle now to succeed his quest.
- Problems during the quest with the orc shaman in Montera fixed.
+ The hero now has the choice to accept or ignore the quest "Galin wants to go to his wife first".
+ It's possible cancel some of Ignatius' quests and work earlier for Garik instead.
- To solve the quest "Potions and weapons for the camp at Montera", the hero has to own the needed items.
- It's possible to solve the quest "Stop the bandit attacks" even if the hero already looted Dylan's amulet beforehand.
- Oelk's quest can only be succeeded if the hero bribed or defeated the birdman.
- If the hero bypasses Khadim's guards and talks to Khadim without having solved the quest "Bring women for Khadim's guards", this quest will be cancelled.
- If the hero agrees to "Kill Tila and her lover", the quest "Kill Gerrell" will be cancelled.
- If Kan's prisoner is brought directly to Gabriel, the now unresolvable quest "Galin wants to go to his wife first" will get cancelled.
- The quests "Anton shall forget" and "Barnabas hasn't paid his dues" can't be solved both now.
- If Silvester, Nicholas, Rudolph, or Garan dies before the hero could ask questions about the black mage, the quest "Get information about the black mage" will fail.
- The destination point of the quest "Hubertus's wife wants to go shopping in Faring" was moved to the lower part of the town.
+ The Armor you need to get during the quest "Hubertus's wife wants to go shopping in Faring" can now be bought from Kendl.
- The hero will be attacked by all bandits unterneath Geoff's farm now during the related quest.
+ If the hero is told to bring back Isabelle to her tavern, she will find the way to her destination now.
+ The orcs in "Boris goes hunting bisons" will arrive earlier, Boris himself will arrive later.
- The seagulls will disappear from Oelk's hut during the according quest.
- Unused and buggy parameter "CancelDistance" deleted from quest files.
- Quest files removed that have never been available in the game anyway.

Experience points
+ The hero gets experience points for pickpocketing.
+ Less experience points for killing harmless animals like rabbits, snakes, cows etc.
- Solving a quest always provides experience points now.
- Removed additional experience points that were pointlessly given during the dialogs in which the quest was resolved successfully anyway.
- The Black Troll now is stronger than regular trolls. When the hero kills it, he will receive +700 experience.

Ingame menus
+ It's indicated in the item description if a potion or plant increases an attribute permanently.
+ In weapon descriptions, the damage bonuses for "self forged", "sharpened" and "blessed" are displayed.
+ The damage bonus for "self forged" is displayed in smithing recipes.
- Description window of inventory items enlarged.
- The bottom of the gold value in large smithing recipes isn't cut off anymore.
- When wearing armor etc., up to six (instead of four) possible bonuses are regarded.
- Mana costs are now displayed in the item description of magic scrolls.
- The tutorial for using a bow only pops up when one draws a bow
- not a crossbow.
+ Tutorial for arena fights added.
+ Tutorial for using poisened weapons added.
- Ingame world map reworked, e.g. the position of Trelis.
- Improved arrow coordinates on the world map.
- Location of the positioning mark on the Summoner's map now matches the location on the normal world map.
+ The tab "recipes" in the "documents" menu has an own icon.
- Illogical display of amounts deleted from spellbook and skill menu.
- All quests are now related to their appropriate towns in the quest menu.
+ The entries in the mission log are now sorted in the following order: first town, then quest name.
- Mission log entries are no longer cut off at the bottom.
+ Display of ingame
-time in the mission log.
+ Replaced "political reputation" from the quest GUI and with quest statistics.
- All items are now in the correct category of the inventory.
+ The protection values in the character menu will now include the effects of the skills "improve robes" or "improve armor".
- After completely using up an item (e.g. after drinking the last healing potion), the icon will be deleted from the quick slot bar.
+ Icon for "sneaking" is now shown in the character menu.
- The icons for "Krush Agash". "Krush Irmak", and the Meat axe have been adjusted to the look of the weapon in the game.
- Icons of the "Heavy Nomad Armor" and "Normal Nomad Armor" were interchanged.
- The icons for booze, Nordmar Nogginfog, and the related recipes have been adjusted to the look of the bottles in the game.
- The icons for "Spiked cudgel" and "Barbed cudgel" had been mixed up.
+ The recipes for meatbug ragout and for stew now have their own icons.
- Icons of wooden shields corrected.
- Icon of the spellbook entry "Cure disease" corrected (colour).
- Icon for "Ironstem" corrected.
+ New icon for gold coins, teleporter stones, pickaxe and Scavenger eggs.
+ New icons added for Barnabas' scroll and the Truth spell.
+ New Splash screen added.

Inventory related topics (trading, looting, etc.)
+ All trader inventories have been reworked.
+ Traders now have a fixed instead of a random inventory.
+ Some other NPCs work as traders now.
+ Hamlar will work as a trader after he reached Silden.
+ Traders sell more arrows and mana potions.
+ Traders and chests now have more vials.
+ Several traders sell more lockpicks now. In exchange, less lockpicks can be found in chests.
- The time frame after which traders will restock their range of goods has been increased from 24 to 48 hours (based on the last talk or trade with them).
- Gold amount and function of "Gold balance" button in trade menu corrected.
- The "Trade" button is only active if the value of the goods on the trader's side is at least one gold.
- Some particularly mighty weapons can't be bought from traders anymore. Those special items are only be available by looting chests.
- Thief merchants will pay twice the price for golden necklaces and rings now.
- Hunter traders now pay twice as much for fire lizard leather (just like they do for other skins and furs).
- The Nordmar armor can only be bought now instead of just lying around in the trader's shop.
- Traders pay the hero slightly less gold for his goods.
+ Gold value of weapons and armors revised.
- The value of necklaces has been adjusted to 250 gold.
- The Woodcutters Axe now costs 40 instead of 1 gold.
- The spiked cutchel has a value of 150 instead of 4500 gold.
+ Gold value of special arrows revised.
- It's not possible anymore to loot all trade goods from NPCs by rightclicking them when they're unconscious.
- If the hero gives gold to an NPC, he can't get it back via looting.
- When the hero loots NPCs or opens his own inventory, he stops running.
- Scroll messages when looting by right-clicking corrected.
+ One can loot claws from fire lizards.
+ One can take troll horns from the black troll.
- "Egill's Axe" removed from all Troglodyte's inventories.
- All monsters can now be looted.
- There's no gold in Barnabas' inventory anymore.
- It's not possible anymore to open empty loot inventories of unconscious NPCs.
- It's not possible anymore to loot demon's swords.
- NPCs don't have two separate gold stacks in their inventory anymore.
- The chest of Kan's prisoner now contains a sword that matches Galin's description after the hero helped Galin's family.
- Several too valuable or defective items have been deleted from chests.
- Wooden chests now contain less valuable items.
- Several duplicate quest items and a defective armor piece of the Mystic Wanderer have been removed from a chest in Vengard.
- Baskets now contain lootable items. Their value equals the values of wooden chest's contents.

- When leaving the trade menu etc., the hero won't put away torches and staffs unrequestedly.
- After using the last plant or other consumable of a quickslot, the hero won't continue to use or draw things when hitting the quickslot key again.
- When the hero equips armor, weapons and shields, those items will be separated properly in the inventory.
- The hero can change from crossbow to bow without further ado.
- It's not possible to change arrows anymore when the bow is already drawn.
+ When using a magic flame sword, the hero can equip a shield via quickslot.
- It's not possible to wear full body armors with a helmet.
- If the hero wants to use a whetstone, a cooking pot, an anvil, an alchemy table or a campfire while holding a torch, the torch will be extinguished (eliminated) and won't be lit up again afterwards.
- You can arm the hero with shield and weapons in the inventory without making him put away a torch (Exception: staffs).
- Two-handed weapons that the hero has in his hands are put on his back when he takes a torch. The same applys for shields.
- The hero doesn't unequip held staffs after a teleport.
+ When the hero picks up a weapon or a shield from the ground, he'll equip it right away if he fulfills all requirements and has a free slot for the item. If it's his own weapon, the game will try to assign a quickslot.
- The hero can only draw weapons from his back when he still fulfills the requirements.
- Bug removed where the hero only feigned to draw his weapons.
+ Teleport stones won't be drawn anymore by pressing space bar.
- Error eliminated due to which the armor values of the hero could be permanently increased.
- Bug resolved where traders sometimes unintendedly wore two weapons on their back.
- Guards have only one sort of melee weapons equipped.
- Rearmament of a disarmed NPC partially toned down.
+ More NPCs carry weapons now.
+ The mad alchemist/mage just outside Montera's gates now wears a deer robe instead of rangers clothes.
- Dylan wears a different armor.
- Head and body skin colors attuned for some NPCs.

+ "Worn" shields provide only half protection.
+ Attribute bonuses of "worn" weapons and shields are halved - worn items don't grant bonus skills anymore.
- El Bastardo, Armoreaver and Skullfed corrected.
+ Damage and required attributes of weapons revised (swords, large weapons, bows, staves, magic staves, woodcutter's axe and pickaxe).
+ Some special swords and large weapons grant additional bonuses.
- Ore blanks and meat cleavers cannot be equiped anymore.
- Pickaxes and Woodcutter Axes can be used as weapons now.
- Magic staves that grant a bonus on max. mana or max health also increase the current mana or health points (percental).
- "Self forged" swords cannot be found in the world anymore.
- All shields added with the Addon now have a texture on their backside.
- The "Embelished Tower Shield" is not carried upside down anymore.
+ Protection values of armor, shields and helmets revised.
- Farmer's, Ranger's and Light Nomad's clothes as well as Leather garb are now treated as robes.
+ Requirements of strength and skills to use a shield implemented.
- "Demonic helm" has been removed from the game.
- Error fixed where the hero could get 100% armor protection and thus become invulnerable.
+ Recipes for poison and special arrows revised.
+ The recipe for antidote has a new composition.
+ "Stew" has different values, "Recipe for stew" has different ingredients.
+ Components for the blueprint "Rune sword" slightly changed.
- Effects of item "Black Rhobar" corrected.
- Wine refreshes mana instead of stamina.
- Hits with headknock arrows always cause damage.
- Hits with a headknock arrow do no longer result in fire effects.
- Men and Orcs that are hit hard enough with a headknock arrow drop to the ground for a short while.
- The "Amulet of the hunter" now provides the mentioned dexterity bonus.
- Several items that are necessary for quests can't be sold anymore. Several items that have been unsellable, but aren't actually needed for quests, can now be sold.
- One cannot drink empty bottles and viles.
- It's not possible anymore to eat "undigested fire nettles" of any kind.
- Fire arrows and torches now have a focus text.
- For spell scrolls lying around the name is indicated.
- Khadim's and Kazus' key are only available one time each anymore.
- The item"stick" doesn't lie around in the game anymore.
- Remaining quest items from Gothic 3 removed from the world.
- Some useless items have been removed from the world.
- The hero won't receive the key from Kan's prisoner twice.
- The treasury room of trelis doesn't contain the valuables from Gothic 3 anymore.
- The unreasonably valuable treasure in the mine of Geldern has been reduced. The mage's staff and Adanos' crown have been removed.
+ A teleporter stone to Montera was placed in the storehouse to the left across the town's main gate.
+ The teleporter stone to Vengard can't be found in Gotha anymore, but inside a chest on a tower in Vengard.
- The teleporter stone to Trelis is now located in the former treasury of Trelis.
- Some duplicate and triplicate teleporter stones removed from the game.
- The armor pieces for the Mystic Wanderer don't look like chalices anymore.
- Cor Kalom's chalice now is a chalice and not an amulet anymore.
- Buggy gold and silver chalices in Silden have been replaced by proper items.
- The animal skulls in the orc camp near Gotha are not transparent anymore.
- Unwanted poisoning or blessing of wrong items is not possible anymore.
- Blade quarrels don't lose their attributes ("sharpened", "poisoned") after being shot.
- Poisoned weapons that have been bought or found in chests now actually poison NPCs.
+ You can poison as many blade quarrels with one bottle of poison as arrows.
+ Quest items disappear from the game when one has delivered them to their final destination.
- Stone roots can be picked up again.
- If the hero puts a flamesword back on his back, he won't trigger a clone of the sword to fall down his back.
- When the hero shoots a fire arrow, there will not be a second arrow falling to the ground.
+ When consuming potions, plants etc. that increase attributes permanently, a corresponding message will be displayed.
+ Barnabas' scroll and the Truth spell cannot be used on other NPCs than expected anymore to.

NPC placements
- Several NPCs who were hammering in thin air have been put closer to the wall they were working on.
- A citizen of Ardea doesn't hammer against his bookshelf anymore.
- A citizen of Silden doesn't stand on his chest anymore while hammering against his hut's wall.
- Risk of spawning the undead from "Army of Darkness" into one another reduced.
- NPCs don't stand inside other NPCs while having a smalltalk conversation.
- Problem resolved where four guards tried to share two guard points in front of Trelis.
- Numerous NPCs sitting or standing on the same place have been distributed to different positions.
- NPC removed from the roof of a house in Geldern.
- The hero's friends and the paladins in the throne room of Vengard won't stand with their backs against the hero before the coronation anymore.
+ Colony of renegades underneath Cape Dun cleaned out, the remaining NPCs look more diversified.
- The beasts that have to be killed for Rollan will now appear inside the cave, like the quest description says, instead of being spoawned directly behind Rollan.
- The summoned beast doesn't appear in the main cave of Reddock, but in the smaller cave next to it.
- The orcs who waylay Hamlar will now be spawned earlier.
- The Mystic Wanderer won't linger near the cave between Trelis and Montera from the beginning of the game anymore.
+ Floy and her friend have been moved to the lower court of Faring castle.
+ Anton and Isabelle swapped places with Barnabas, so Anton actually manages a guesthouse instead of a hut.
+ Immanuel and another firemage can be found in the room above the throne room of Vengard now.
+ Cornelius works at an alchemie table now.
+ Nicholas and Silvester have been relocated.
- Potros, Arakos, and the other rangers who were completely silent and still on their places from Gothic 3, have been deleted.
- The warrior in Gotha won't stand on a stool anymore doing nothing.

NPC navigation
- Several navigation zones expanded or added completely.
- Reworked navigation in all caves.
- Numerous new paths added between navigation zones, so that attackers don't have to make detours and companions don't get lost so often. (e.g. on the way between Trelis and Geldern).
- NPC navigation on all city walls and stone stairways has been reworked.
- NPCs can enter Montera through the side gate now.
- Navigation in the orc camp next to Montera corrected.
- Navigation in the new town district of trelis reworked completely.
- NPC navigation around the arena of Silden improved.
- Navigation in the area around the tunnel near Silden redrawn.
- Navigation of the gargoyles at the former pass between Faring and Nordmar corrected.
- Several navigation bugs in Reddock solved.
- Several navigation problems in the house of the family in Geldern corrected.
- NPCs in Geldern don't run through the wooden platform of the house in front of the temple and don't cut short by clumping over it.
- The renegade's pathfinding has been improved.
- NPCs do not climb into the porch of the smithy in Ardea from the side anymore.
- Navigation and daily routines aof the army in front of Gotha corrected. They won't sleep on the ground in front of their tents anymore, for example.
- NPC navigation across bridges enabled or improved respectively, e.g. between Trelis and Geldern.
- Bug resolved where the hero could be "teleported" from the bottom to the top of two waterfalls near Trelis.
- Hamlar won't run into the lake on his way to Silden.
+ Huge monsters (e.g. demons) can now properly navigate in caves.
- Various changes in Barnabas' surroundings to improve NPC navigation and behavior.
- Clovis won't get lost anymore when accompanying the hero on the direct way from Trelis to Silden.
- Clovis doesn't wind up in a guard anymore when traveling to Trelis.
- Morg's navigation on his way to Montera improved.
- The watermage of Okara and Kan don't get stuck between book shelves during their fight anymore.
- Milten does not wind up in the stairway area or the wall anymore on his way out of the temple in Trelis.
- The hero can not get trapped anymore under the formerly blocked bridge in Vengard.
- Removed invisible barricades from the stairs of the tower above Faring.
- The hero can't swim underneath water lily leaves anymore.
- NPCs don't disappear in the wall of a cave between Cape Dun and Montera when they actually should follow the hero.
- NPCs don't walk through the palisade in front of Gotha's army camp.
- Hildur doesn't walk through the boundaries of his smithy.
- The hero and NPCs aren't able to walk through a wooden wall in front of a smithy in Trelis.
- Collision of particularly big rocks corrected.
- Added collision to wall in the castle ruins.
- The hero and NPCs are not able to run through a certain stack of wood anymore.
- In Trelis the hero cannot fall through a rock into a cave anymore.
- The bard in Montera doesn't walk through the walls of his hut anymore.
- The snappers in the mine underneath Faring don't run into walls or magically spawn in the houses above anymore.
- The trader in the tavern of Silden next to the cow paddock will reach his destination behind the counter instead of pacing around endlessly.
- Invisible wall in front of the cave above Faring deleted.
- Invisible barricades removed from the caves underneath the new temple of Trelis. Besides, NPCs don't run through the walls anymore.
- Bloodflies do not dive into water.
- The deers near Montera can move now.

+ New basis for the combat system is the one from Gothic 3 with CP 1.74 and "Alternative Balancing" and "New AI" switched on.
- NPCs don't need stamina anymore, so their stamina bar has been removed.
- The rule that the hero won't be able to attack when he doesn't have enough stamina points was replaced by the rule that his attacks will just slow down.
- The hero can block constantly for 2.5 seconds at most.
- NPCs can't block forever, too, but longer than the hero.
+ A successful block can be recognized by a corresponding sound.
- When NPCs use weapons, they are able to block an attack completely.
+ A strong hit with two swords will break through a block.
+ Whirlwind attacks with two
-handed weapons can now be blocked completely.
+ NPCs who attack the hero will suffer "collateral damage" during the hero's attacks.
- Unintended injuries of potentially like
-minded NPCs during fights reduced.
- The hero's companions won't be injured by his area spells.
- Problem solved where magic and ranged weapons didn't injure NPCs.
- Theo can be injured by ranged weapons and magic now.
+ NPCs will injure the hero less often during the quick evade move.
+ New damage and protection calculation when NPCs hit the hero with melee weapons.
+ When humans or orcs fight with fists, they cause less damage.
- Unintended doubling of damage with blunt weapons when fighting against skeletons and golems fixed.
- One hit kill bug during large battles fixed.
+ When playing with difficulty "hard", bows and crossbows cause 20% more damage than before.
+ The hero can be attacked by a maximum of one, two or three melee enemies at the same time (depending on the level of difficulty).
+ The "intelligence" (or error frequency, resp.) of NPCs is attached to the level of difficulty.
+ Arena fights are one level harder than other fights.
+ The hero's oponents suffer less damage during arena fights.
+ Arena combatants fight with a higher attack frequency.
+ With difficulty "hard", the attacks moves of arena combatants are slightly faster.
+ Arena combatants will wake up from unconsciousness sooner than other NPCs.
- All arena fighters will leave the arena after being defeated (and waking up again).
- When (re)starting an arena fight, the spectators won't attack the hero even if he attacked and defeated them before.
+ There are more spectators at arena fights now.
- Corrected NPC reactions when the hero loses an arena fight by leaving the arena.
- When the hero enters an arena and leaves again instantly, the arena combatant won't remain in fighting position permanently.
- Arena opponents stop fighting when the hero leaves the arena. When hero continues to attack him, bystanders will join in the fight.
- If the hero jumps up in an arena, he won't automatically lose the fight.
- Garik's recruits won't interfere in the fight of the next recruit anymore.
- Farm animals don't come as viewers to duels anymore.
- Bug resolved where the hero could be attacked by animals after he enchanted them with the spell "Summon animals".
- Guards don't get distracted by nonlethal fights (e.g. arena fights) anymore.
- NPCs who are fighting an enemy don't get distracted anymore when one of their comrades dies.
- NPCs who want to pick up their weapon after a fight can't be disturbed anymore by talking to them or by fights in the background.
+ When defeated NPCs pick up their weapons from the ground, they instantly equip them again.
+ If NPCs have a weapon somewhere in their inventory they will draw it when they start to fight.
+ Attack frequency of boars, wolves, Temple guards etc. decreased. Exception: zombies.
+ Attack movements of trolls are slower.
+ Animals and monsters use a different combat tactic when the player rightclicks constantly.
+ Animals and monsters are able to sprint to their enemies.
+ Hit probability of animals and monsters potentially improved.
+ Nearly all animals and monsters now chase after the hero longer than before.
- Animals and monsters don't walk backwards for a very long time anymore instead of attacking.
- When the hero is an animal, he can attack animals of his own race.
- No skeleton will attack an undead high priest anymore.
- The skeletons and zombies in a cave to the west of Montera do not fight each other anymore.
- The trolls near Faring don't fight against each other anymore.
- Fire lizards are now immune to fire.
+ The summoned beast is now able to cast a magic spell, and the beast's fists are poisoned.
+ The summoned beast has better protection against fire and energy.
- Ice golems now use the spell "ice lance" on long distances.
+ "Boris' bodyguard" and Hunfrid are now considerably stronger than before.
+ NPCs who use a weapon can walk in a circle around the hero.
- Enemies won't hit from too far away so often.
- NPCs don't continue shooting at far away enemies when other NPCs are standing closer. Instead, they might change to close combat more often.
- NPCs find out whether they shoot against a barrier instead of their enemy. If they do, they try to correct their position.
- When the hero stalemates a mage, the NPC will switch to close combat.
- NPCs who run away from a fight turn back to their previous whereabouts more often.
- NPCs only run away from a fight against the hero now, not from a fight against other NPCs.
+ NPCs who run away from a fight will drop their weapons and shield and are considered as "defeated", so the hero will get experience points etc.
- NPCs who fought against the hero when the game was saved continue this fight after reloading that savegame.
- If NPCs attack the hero when they are sitting then their heads don't sink into their bodies.
- Reduced the number of situations where fighting NPCs suddenly stop to move.
- Error resolved that NPCs sometimes would keep standing in attack position after a fight.
- Fighting NPCs do not put away their weapons anymore after they fell from a small height, but continue to fight instead.
- The fight against Barnabas is no matter of life and death anymore. The same applies to the fights against the mine workers from Geldern, Corrado, etc.
- The blackmage will now be supported by three instead of one Elite Mercenaries.
- Revised endfight, for example more Troglodytes have been added
- Dead NPCs can't be reanimated by using the "Attack" command in Info files.

Unconsciousness and death
+ Certain important NPCs can't be killed anymore, e.g. Anog and Inog.
+ Respawn of some animals and monsters implemented.
+ Calculation of damage after falls changed.
+ NPCs stop burning when they go far enough into water.
- Burning or poisoned NPCs only die from fire or poison when they are hostile to the hero.
- Opening a HUD menu doesn't prevent the hero from death by poison.
- The hero dies when he is poisoned and unconscious.
+ The hero doesn't die from poison during arena fights or "friendly" duels. (This is an exception to the rule mentioned above.)
- When the hero lies unconsciously on the floor, NPCs won't order him to put away his weapon anymore.
- The hero will get up by himself after being unconscious.
- The hero will also become unconscious when he was jumping or sliding when he lost his hit last life points.
- NPCs instantly have proper collision again when waking up after being unconscious.
+ Creatures which are killed by melee weapons will fly less far away.
- Effect of the console commands "Kill" and "Defeat" on animals and monsters corrected.
- Health points of NPCs who get killed by "assassination" will be set to zero.

NPC behaviour
- NPCs now tend to attack the hero when they witness him stealing.
+ If the hero opens a chest with the proper key, NPCs don't care about the looting.
- Anton's quests can still be solved if he watched the hero steal something.
+ NPCs won't approach the hero about crimes they didn't observe themselves anymore.
- NPCs won't notice the hero anymore through floors when he enters another storey of their house.
- NPCs won't involve the hero in conversations through walls anymore (except perceptive guards).
- If the hero reacts to NPCs demanding "Get out of here!" early enough, they won't attack him.
- If the hero attacks or even kills NPCs without proper reason, witnesses will intervene.
- NPCs help their "fellow citizens" when they are attacked by animals.
- When an animal or monster gets killed with a single hit, the witnesses will react properly.
- Humans and Orcs react hostile towards boars.
- When the hero has transformed himself to a dangerous animal, also Orcs will be hostile towards him.
- Enemies don't stop their attacks when the hero transforms into an animal - or ends his transformation - while they can see him.
+ NPCs who were attacked by the hero as an animal will not react aggressive later on, as long as they have not witnessed his transformation back to human shape.
- The orcs you need to pass during the quest "Talk to the watermage" will attack now.
- Orc mercenary in Montera corrected who was often attacked by other citizens.
- There are no orc mercenaries among the guards of the temple of Geldern anymore, so there won't be fights between the guards.
- The temple inside Trelis is now guarded.
- Reaction "waking up and attack" of common NPCs on the spell "Amnesia" eliminated.
+ Rosswald doesn't attack the hero anymore after his confession.
+ At several gates throughout the world, the hero will only be stopped by one guard instead of two at the same time.
+ Attention radius of gate guards reduced, so that the hero can easily talk to Errol without being attacked.
- The prison guards in Gotha now don't let the hero escape.
- The hero will be attacked now when entering Gorn's part of Gotha without permission.
- Troglodytes will now attack the hero on sight.
- Daily routines of several NPCs reworked.
- Several guards who didn't move so far are now actually working.
- The workers in Faring will actually work now.
- The workers in Montera will actually work now, and some ladders were added to their scaffoldings.
- The seagulls on top of Oelk's hut walk around now.
- NPC in Gotha in the first house on the right has now a daily routine to attend to.
- Vaingard doesn't pick up gras anymore.
- NPCs who are repairing their huts etc. do not stand cluelessly around at their second repair spot.
- Problem resolved where some slaves "thought" that they are guards.
- Bug resolved where NPCs walked away while the hero was talking to them.
- Ogit doesn't walk back to Trelis after he was brought to Montera.
- Kan's prisoner doesn't walk back to Kan after the hero brought him to Gotha.
- Command "GotoTalk" in dialogs corrected: Dialog partners won't keep looking at the hero while walking, they will continue to walk to their destination even after saving and reloading the game, and they can run as well.
- Humans don't sit on orc thrones.
- Osch won't fry meat over the bare ground of his prison anymore.
- Sleeping NPCs won't wake up when the hero just passes by outside their house.
- Steiner takes a longer brake before starting his speech again.
+ Tahbert will go to sleep at night...
- If the hero wants to talk to quest givers like Anog, Oelk etc. during their quests, they won't just quiver around without giving a comment.
- The Black Mage from Trelis does not react with "Why have you woken me?" on the way to his cave when talked to.
+ If Segfried thanks the hero for the tame wolf, the wolf will leave the hero and join Segfried.
+ New "political" alignment PAL_Pirate.

- If the hero tells his companions to "wait here", they won't meddle with fights.
- The hero's companions won't attack neutral spectators of fights.
- Companions help the hero when he is attacked, except in arena fights and "friendly" duels
- or when they have been ordered to wait.
- When the hero commands his companions to "Wait here" and then to "Come with me" again without ending the dialog inbetween, they will indeed follow him and not go over to their daily routines.
- Companions do not pursue pigs and cows which the hero injured.
+ The hero can dismiss tamed animals and summoned creatures ("Go back now!").
- Companion won't slide around after being dismissed while waiting.
- Summoned monsters die when the hero is more than 50 meters away from them. This doesn't happen if the hero told them to "Wait here".
- After the hero has swum, his companions will follow him again by themselves.
- Sitting NPCs who are supposed to lead the hero somewhere won't just stay seated.
- NPCs like Goeff's sons, who lead the hero somewhere, do not go ahead too far.
+ If the hero has to "deliver" an NPC to another NPC, they actually have to be close to their target destination.
- When an NPC leaves the hero's party, the accompanying message is not shown twice anymore.

Skills and magic
+ It's now possible to learn all skills and spells. New teachers are (sooner or later) Immanuel, Lee, Gorn, the Mystic Wanderer, Kan, Steiner, Hanz, Laurent, Lebrecht, and Rickard.
- The orc Olis doesn't teach the skill "Orc slayer" anymore. Instead, Garik will teach this skill.
- Ulva doesn't teach "Ancient knowledge" anymore.
- Removed skill "Make excuses".
- Removed skill "Forge weapons from pure ore".
+ Dependencies between skills revised.
+ Adjustment of required attributes, learning points, and gold costs when learning skills.
+ The hero has to invest twice as much gold and learning points to increase strength, hunting skill or ancient knowledge if he already has 250 points or more.
+ Bookshelves and large stone tablets only provide 3 instead of 5 points of ancient knowledge or alchemy resp.
+ Permanent bonuses of potions and small stone tablets changed.
+ When starting a new game, the hero has 150 stamina, 125 strength, 10 thieving, 10 smithing, 10 alchemy, 250 health, 150 mana.
+ The hero knows the spells "call animals" and "poison" instead of "fireball" right from the start.
+ The hero loses slightly less stamina when running than before.
- While a menu is open, the hero won't regenerate stamina, life energy or mana.
- During a parade, the hero will only regenerate as much stamina as if the hero was diseased.
+ With the skill "Strong shield parry", the hero will lose only half as much stamina as usual when blocking an attack.
+ The skill "Magic staves" gets more powerful when the hero's ancient knowledge increases.
+ Effect of the skill "Magic staves" corrected
- description improved.
+ The skill "Acrobatics" won't make the hero immortal when falling.
+ With the skill "Silent hunter" and bow or crossbow in his hands, the hero can walk closer to animals and monsters without sneaking and without being noticed.
- The regeneration of life energy is now percental (1,25 % of max. life energy per second).
- The skill "Regeneration" (of hitpoints) is not active when the hero carries a weapon in his hand.
- The hero can also pickpocket NPCs he defeated before.
+ Dependencies on skillsor spells when learning spells added.
+ Adjustment of required attributes, learning points, and gold costs when learning new spells.
+ Adjustment of mana usage of some spells.
+ Power and effect of several damage spells revised.
+ The spells Hailstorm, Fire rain and Time bubble will take effect around the NPC in focus, not around the hero.
+ The spell "Transfer disease" now has an effect on NPCs: It will slow down their combat moves.
- The spell "Heal other" can't be casted on "red" or fleeing NPCs anymore.
+ Light spells will be taken along when teleporting.
- Fireballs, which are aimed from the side to boars or alligators, will not fail to reach their targets anymore.
+ New scroll "Group Hypnosis".
- Health points after returning from "Soul travel" corrected.
- After changing back from animal form or "Soul travel" there is no "second armor" on the hero's body anymore ("Head_Player bug").
- When the hero has transformed into an animal and kills another animal or monster, he can take the skin, teeth, etc. after changing back, in case the skill was learned before the transformation.
+ Travelling speed increased when transformed into a bloodfly.
+ New function "MagicSummonCompanion" for new kinds of summoned companions. (Not actually in use yet.)

Interactive objects
- The hero doesn't lie down diagonally anymore when going to sleep.
- The hero doesn't slide over the ground when standing up from bed or ground while a movement key is pressed.
+ It's possible to use the blackmage's bed, too.
- Order of dialog options with shrines and beds corrected.
- Duplicate dialog options with shrines deleted.
- Several usable objects were turned around, lowered, lifted, straightened up, etc. (chests, beds, campfires, spits, tree trunks, benches, etc.)
- If the hero wants to use book shelves, chests, beds, etc., but cancels the action, the objects will still keep their collision.
- The two Baliar shrines in and near Silden have been replaced.
+ The hero isn't able to go to sleep, open chests, sit down, sharpen any weapons or use other interactive objects while being under attack.
- Quest items won't disappear in chests.
+ When opening chests, the picklock can break (depending on chest type and the hero's lockpick abilities).
- You will now need all three keys to open Rollan's chest (from Rollan, Tavin, Morgan).
- The hero won't kneel down besides chests, but in front of them.
- When the hero opens a chest, he will stay on the ground instead of being lifted upwards or pushed down.
+ The hero can open chests while sneaking.
- NPCs in "magic sleep" and the hero's companions don't occupy interactive objects.
- NPCs in "magic sleep" won't be disturbed anymore by the sound of footsteps or opening of chests.
- Focusname position corrected on several book shelves, e.g. in Anog's house.
- Campfires and boulders now have a focus text.
+ The door of the small treasure room in Geldern is now locked.
- Several veins made accessible, e.g. in and around Okara etc.
+ Booze and Nordmar Nogginfog will be destilled at alchemy tables instead of being "cooked" at cauldrons.
+ Cows can be "milked".

New content
+ There are more lizards, alligators and dragons (there were only one each) as well as Jackals, Goblin Shamans, Schrats and temple guards throughout the world.
+ Additional animals, monsters and bandits have been added to various places in the world.
+ The former rebel camp Nemora is now inhabited with orc plunderers.

Other topics of world design
- Bales of straw are now visible again.
- Arena borders in Cape Dun, Geldern, Gotha, Silden, and Trelis have been reworked.
- The gallery/walkabout at the arena of Kap Dun was removed.
- Flames don't flicker unrealistically heavy anymore, e.g. in the temple of Geldern.
- Flickering of the floor and some objects near Montera and Trelis corrected.
- The mine of Geldern won't suddenly become completely dark anymore in a certain region.
- Lighting in the temple near Trelis corrected.
- The illumination in the cave system below Kap Dun has been reworked.
- Improved wheather behavior and ambient lightning in Reddock.
- Rain probability descreased.
- Nicholas is no longer an Orc but a human now (matching his voice)
- The ogre "Ugluz Potbelly" (from Gothic 3) and the two stiff ogres with pigtail have been replaced by normal ogres.
- Numerous floating vegetation elements (trees, bushes, mushrooms, ferns, bunches of grass, etc.) positioned correctly.
- Several objects that were partially stuck in the ground have been lifted.
- Numerous floating stones, rocks, boxes, and other objects put to the ground.
- The bread crumbs in Silden are not stuck in the ground or float on the water anymore.
- Corrected numerous objects that stuck in each other, e.g. chests.
- Faultily textured and other virtually invisible 3D objects removed from the sea near Silden.
- Removed objects from chairs, so that NPCs won't sit on or in them.
- Removed several camps where no human, orc or goblin could be found.
- Some surplus alchemy book shelves have been replaced with book shelves for ancient knowledge or smithing.
- Replaced an old quest chest in Trelis with a usual chest.
- The wall between Vengard and Nordmar has been replaced by a rock face.
- Gaps in the walls of Montera, Vengard, and Geldern have been closed.
- Several texture gaps closed or hid (bottom texture near the waterfalls behind Silden, etc.).
- Hid blurred textures at the pass to Varant and in several other places behind stones.
- Water surface patched in several places.
- Formerly bleak areas surrounding Vengard are covered with grass again.
- Low polys added or deleted in various places.

Camera related topics
- "Zoom" when drawing a bow or cocking a crossbow removed.
- Objects between the hero and the camera don't interfere with the aiming direction of bows and crossbows.
- Camera does not turn to the sky anymore when you begin to talk to a NPC.
- The camera will not rotate about 180° in first person mode anymore after opening and closing chests, inventories from enemies or the own inventory. The camera won't switch from first person mode to third person mode anymore when the hero opens a chest.
- The hero's shadow is not headless anymore in first person mode.
- First person mode camera has been moved up to prevent player's hair from obscuring the view.

- Problem resolved where the game didn't react to any keyboard or mouse action.
+ Alternative key combination to open the marvin console: left SHIFT + right SHIFT + Home.
- Default key für switching the quickslot bar on and off corrected to "Scroll Lock".
+ When the inventory of a chest or a unconscious/dead NPC is open, it can by plundered completely by pressing a key (Default: "U").
+ There are keys for drinking a healing potion, mana potion and endurance potion (Default: keys 7 till 9 on the number block).
- The quick evade moves are only available in melee combat.
- The key settings for the quick evades moves in combat are now connected to the direction key settings.
- When the hero was knocked out while sneaking, he won't automatically fall back to sneak mode after waking up.
- The hero doesn't re
-enter sneak mode automatically after being forced into conversation with an NPC.
- The hero doesn't get stuck in sneaking mode when holding a crossbow.
- Bug removed where the hero got unintentionally stuck in sprinting or sneaking mode after opening an enemy's inventory.
- Stamina exploit when sprinting while looking back removed.
- The hero doesn't lose stamina while walking backwards or sideways anymore.
+ The hero loses stamina now when using the quick evade moves.
- Problem resolved where the hero carried out an action after the player clicked on the "Ok" Button of a tutorial.
- It's not possible anymore to switch back to the main menu during a conversation.
- Drinking "Cure disease" or "Antidote" can't be interrupted by opening a menu. If the hero gets hit, the grafic effects disappear.
+ The "Auto focus" during battles is more flexible now you can switch easier between enemies.
+ Focusing enemies with magic improved: NPCs who stand closer and attacking NPCs are more easy to get in focus.
+ Up - and down - movement of the camera while looking back is invertible.
- Some errors fixed that caused the hero to "think" that he doesn't have any ammo left.
- When the hero holds a bow in his hand starts to glide or gets hurt, he will not automatically fire an arrow afterwards when the player releases the mouse button.
+ Blade quarrels are sharpened stack by stack now instead of one by one.
- The hero is not invisible for NPCs anymore after teleporting out of magical fog.

- Several NPCs have been renamed according to speech outputs, e.g.: Ngaio is now named Evert, the previous Evert is called Ebert, Kan's prisoner is named Galin etc.
+ All teachers now have individual names (names Baltus, Rickard, Lebrecht, Laurent, Isenfried, Vikram, Gerbrand, Thomosch, and Ardian added)
- Theodors scouts were renamed from "Warrior" to "Scout".
- All orc mercenaries have been renamed to e.g. "Mercenary", "Warrior" or "Guard".
- Added missing names and text lines.
- Several hundred unused texts deleted.
- Numerous corrections in all texts.
- Tutorial texts have been slightly revised.
- Several hundred standard dialogs of the Italian and Spanish version now have subtitles.
- Quest item "Nordmar Nigginfog" renamed to "Nordmar Nigginfog Special".
- Quest item "Black Rhobar" renamed to "Black Rhobar Special".
- One "Amulet of the Hunter" is renamed to "Amulet of Dexterity".
- Item descriptions reworked.
+ Descriptions added to all items in Polish.
+ Descriptions added to all weapons, armors and shields in English and German.
- The description of the "Wanderer's piece" has been reworked.
- Descriptions of the skills Fire mage, Dark mage and Water mage made more concrete.
- Description of several spells have been reworked.
- Third level of crossbow and bow skills don't have identical names anymore.
- The text "LP" (meaning "learning points") in the dialog menu is now multiligual.
- The spell "Word of dominance" now has the name "Word of dominance" instead of "Command" in the dialog menu of Innos shrines.