EverQuest 12-Year Anniversary Interview

EverQuest has been around for an impressive 12 years, so Ten Ton Hammer took the opportunity to interview SOE president John Smedley, assistant lead designer Alan VanCouvering, and associate producer Harvey Burgess about the past, present, and future of the title.
Question: Are you going to continue releasing expansions for EverQuest I?

SOE: Yes. That's a pretty simple answer.

Question: You don't see an end game in sight for EQ?

SOE: I honestly say that I don't have an answer for that. We just did a three year plan, which we do every year, and we assume that EverQuest is going to continue on for three more years without any problems. We also assume that we're going to be making expansions during that time.

As long as we have a vibrant player community that wants content, we're going to be there to provide it for them.