Mythos Europe Open Beta Date Announced

After launching closed beta a month ago, the Mythos Europe website now announces the launch of open beta in a month, as well as expansion of closed beta right now.
If you're hankering after a little virtual butchery, then the 12th of April is the date to remember! This is the start date for the Mythos Open Beta, allowing fearless hack'n'slashers to test the game's vital signs before its main release. The level cap has been raised from 27 to 50 for the open beta phase meaning that bloodthirsty daredevils will get their first chance to take a look around the third zone, Umbral Peaks.

But before the Open Beta gets underway, the current Closed Beta Phase is being expanded to include further languages. Now, role-playing fans can strike Mythos' monstrosities from their screens in French, German, Turkish, Polish and English. Further features have also been introduced to the game including PvP duels in the towns of Uld.

But if your axe is aching for a little action even before the Open Beta starts, there's still time to register for the currently active Closed Beta!
Thanks Blue's News.