Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Romance Retrospective

In their latest "Digital Love" editorial, EmpireStateGamer takes a closer look at the romance options available to the protagonist in BioWare's original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. This is familiar territory for most of us, but there might be some of you who haven't yet been romantically linked to Carth or Bastila:
Throughout the game, you have the option of developing, through dialogue choices, a romance between your character and a character of the opposite sex.* If your character is female, you can buddy up to Carth Onasi, the Han Solo stand-in for this story. If you are of the male persuasion, the object of your affection is Bastilla Shan, played by veteran voice actress Jennifer Hale. Throughout the story, Carth is trying to get over the pain of losing his wife and family to a Sith attack while Bastilla tries to keep her Jedi composure despite sharing a psychic and emotional link with you. These are the grounds on which your eventual (relationship) blossoms.

Whether your character sports a Y chromosome or not doesn't matter much in the end. The differences are purely cosmetic. If you have curried enough favor with Carth or Bastilla and not managed to muck up the dialogue choices by the end of the game, the characters will be professing their love for you. Each of the characters and stories have their own endgame based on whether you are light side or dark side.